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 Tairaela's Training

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PostSubject: Tairaela's Training   26th December 2014, 2:57 am

~4 years ago~
The Boiling Point
Tairaela sat in her room on her bed, her arms were wrapped around her knees, her chin resting against them. Its was cold, despite her being wrapped up like a ball, it was very cold. She could hear noise in the halls outside, talking. Or was it whispering? It was difficult to tell back then, days came and went without much notice. She ate occasionally, slept very little. It had started when her parents had died, and gradually got worse and worse until she had reached this point. She didn't care about anything anymore, and the closest thing she could think of to her ever finding peace was in her own death, but she was watched constantly. She wouldn't be able to commit suicide, she was too valuable to her Uncle. Her door guarded constantly "For her own safety.". The guards didn't seem to defend her from the visitors her Uncle sent her in the middle of the night. Originally thinking about it made her stomach sick, but now she was so calloused to it that it was second nature to her lifestyle now. Perhaps some of the good ones she even enjoyed experiencing the pleasures with. It was a sick way to live, but it was her life, she hadn't chosen it.

The door in her room burst open, she couldn't see who walked in, she didn't really care, she just sat there without moving and waited to be either spoken to or grabbed, depending on the motives of whoever was approaching her. "We have a new member in our Branch today, coming from a small town not far away, his parents were fellow Zerins, come with me the ceremony can't go on without the head." came a voice, it was her Uncle. "Of course later tonight you'll be putting him through initiation." he added with a chuckle. Tairaela saw a hand appear in front of her face before grasping hers and tugging, pulling her along to get up. She did as she was beckoned to and walked alongside her Uncle out of the room and down the halls. They made their way to the courtyard where the new member of the branch would receive the mark and then receive the blessing from Tairaela, the Branch head. Afterwards she was led by one of her guards to her chambers where she sat and waited, waited for night to fall, for the man to come.

It was a while before she heard the noises, the talking from down the hall, coming closer and closer before stopping at her door. They spoke for a while. Tairaela didn't try to hear what was being said, it didn't matter, she knew what was happening. The talking stopped, her door opened. She stared blankly at the wall, it wasn't like she could see the face of the man in her room. All was silent until she felt someone sit on the bed next to her, and a hushed voice came. "Listen I don't want to go through this with you, I can't imagine how you feel." he said. Rae was shocked, she had never been given the opportunity to avoid what her Uncle made her do. She had the freedom to make a choice, she didn't want to go through with the "Initiation" and she didn't have to. She responded to the man with silence, and they sat there together for several minutes before. "Th-thank you..." she said at last. Then they talked, she told him about how her parents died and how her Uncle used her. He was surprised to find so much corruption in the branch, and he promised her that he would help her. After a while he left, and they never spoke again, but he had given Tairaela something, he gave her hope, and she held on to it harder than anything she had before.

After that the man went to his chambers and began writing a letter to the head branch of Zerins, he wanted them to shut Rae's branch down and told them why and what was going on. He received a visit however from Rae's Uncle who caught glimpse of the letter and demanded to see it. The man knew the situation he was in and went to use his vectors to defend himself, but Rae's Uncle was superior and cleaved the man in two right there. The letter was read and then burned, evidence of the man was hidden.

Tairaela sat in her room as usual, waiting, but this time for something different, she wanted to hear that man's voice again, to hear that she was free from her Uncles grasp. Sounds came down the hall, her door opened. She looked at the door this time, still seeing nothing but wishing she could. The person walked over to her and stood over her, and a dark feeling began to grow in the pit of Rae's stomach. "Your friend is dead, and if you ever tell those things to anyone ever again I'll have every man in the clan in here to punish you at night." came her Uncle's voice along with a hard slap across her face. His long nails cut into her cheek and blood streamed down. It burned, but she didn't feel it, she felt nothing again. Her hopes, were ripped away from her, the one person that had been kind to her in years, the one friend she had made, was dead because of her, and any hopes of her getting away from her Uncle was gone. She hated him, she hated her clan, hated the village, hated the world. If only everyone felt her pain, then they would understand her and leave her alone. For the next year these thoughts would grow in her mind, fester under the surface, life returned to normal on the outside, but inside Rae was changing.

~3 years ago~
The Meltdown

As time passed Tairaela slipped further and further away from sanity. Her mind becoming darker, thinking thoughts of destruction. Things continued the way her uncle wanted them to, for a while. One day however a newer member was being particularly rough with Rae. In response she gouged out his eyes and dug her nails deep into his throat. She really wasn't thinking about what she was doing, but the thrill of having the blood on her hands was fantastic. Rae left her room and cleaved the guards in two with her vectors. She made her way through the halls, cleaving apart her clansmen as she came across them. As the mindless carnage continued she finally made her way to her Uncle's quarters.

Stained in blood with an emotionless expression, Tairaela entered the courtyard of her branch's building and chucked her Uncle's head to the floor. As fear and chaos spread throughout everyone there, Rae walked out of the gates without any more confrontation, as anyone who did try to stop her would simply be shred to pieces by her newly awakened vectors. Her vectors were unique, emitting a constant vibration that gave her a sort of sight that she had never experienced before. Yet it came to her naturally, and she used it to leave her town and enter the wilds.


Words: 1203
Needed: 1200 (Quartered Training)


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PostSubject: Re: Tairaela's Training   26th December 2014, 4:01 pm

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Tairaela's Training
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