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 Upper City

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PostSubject: Upper City   3rd January 2015, 7:23 am

Name: Upper City
Description: Home of the Rich & Faboulous (Civi’s experts second profession and up), mansions High rise apartments house the best and brightest of the city nation’s top level. While casion hotel resorts, massive arcades, and private academies are meant busy one’s self near the center of the city, and massive factories sit along the edges.
Exact Location within Area Fifth Level of Greed

Current Places Within

Overall Income Generated
Overall Upkeep
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PostSubject: SubRanch - Upper City   5th April 2015, 7:39 am

Name: Upper City Ranch
Description: Neo's second Ranch, known among his tamer team as the 'Breeding ranch' as its excess amount of egg and youth sales is most definitely its strongest aspect. The structure itself appears to float above the midlevel, circulating around the sky often however never leaving the Upper City area as it drains power from the surrounding excess technology. It was designed to move around away from other structures so as to ensure onlookers and visitors who seem to look at ranches as 'zoos' do not interfere with the highly depreciate breeding and mating rituals of the beats within. All staff are highly trained to deal with the circumstances of their work environment and ensure all are in the best and stronger reproducing conditions. The only known method of accessing the structure is of course via the use of flying mounts.
Exact Location: Land of Greed, 5th Level, Upper City.

Overall Income Generated: 813,787 Xel Per Month
Overall Upkeep: 15,500 Xel per month

SubRanch Details:

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Upper City
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