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 Lower City Level

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PostSubject: Lower City Level   3rd January 2015, 7:50 am

Name: Lower Level Slums
Description:Truely if there was a land over run with corruption within this city nation it would be the lower city. Housing the low income inhabitants (civi’s Adept rank and under). Gangland territory which has gotten so out of control where every few blocks is run by a neighborhood crew, violent outbreaks happening on an hourly basis, local shops getting the shakedown, drug pushers exploiting the people. You know where all the fun stuff happens.
Exact Location within Area

Current Places Within

Overall Income Generated
Overall Upkeep
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PostSubject: Tosul Tavern - Lower City   15th April 2015, 9:08 am

Name: Tosul Tavern
Description: Much like The original tavern, but no where near as neat. After all, it was only going to get trashed again. But, naturally, there are bouncers, so when things get too rough, out you go. Still a nice place to go hang out with your friends, do a bit of drinking, throw away your money or take your mistress so your wife doesn't find out your cheating. Oh, and the food here is complete trash, but as you all know, when you drink, you care a little less about the taste. A little less.
Exact Location within Area Land of Greed, Third Floor, Lower City

Overall Income Generated 469,525
Overall Upkeep 96,384

Bar Information:

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Lower City Level
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