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 Western Chokepoint

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PostSubject: Western Chokepoint    3rd January 2015, 12:43 pm

Name: Western Eden Choke-Point
Description: The Western Choke-Point
Exact Location within Area Western end of Eden is a stronghold that sits at the edge of a cliff looking out to the western sea. Despite being so close to the sea, there is no docks for this area due to the rocky terrain surrounding it, it is unsafe for ships to come and go from. The building itself is surrounded by walls in a pentagonal shape with a wall extending out as a walkway, meeting with another building that is used for barracks.

The main building has several lookout towers and can see anything coming from sea for miles, and can see anything coming from inland for a large distance as well, although somewhat less than they can see out to sea. The underneath of the stronghold is actually a grotto where prisoners are kept in waist high sea water, where they are questioned and if they don't speak up by the time the tide comes in, they drown. The stronghold has a last defense measure where they release floodgates on the very bottom of the grotto that will flood the entire stronghold which has water tight gates to lock in everyone and everything.

Current Places Within

Overall Income Generated 13,000 Xel Weekly
Overall Upkeep
1300 Xei

Current Personalities:

Current Neo Nano Queen:
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Western Chokepoint
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