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 Eastern Chokepoint

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PostSubject: Eastern Chokepoint   3rd January 2015, 12:43 pm

Name: Eastern Choke-Point
Description: The Eastern Choke-Point sits atop one of the tallest mountains in Eden. The mountain side it is nestled in is extremely steep and the castle itself rests on a rocky overhang. The main part of the castle sits the furthest forward on the overhang with walls extending outwards to the sides and back around, forming a circular structure with several buildings nestled into the walls used for various purposes.

The castle has three very tall towers that are occupied by very long range ninjutsu users to fend of enemies from a distance, able to see and hit targets from the base of the mountain itself. This makes the choke-point very difficult to approach. On top of this there is contraptions in the side of the mountain made so that those within the walls can trigger small explosions in the side of the mountain to unleash massive rockslides that come hurdling down with SSS-rank strength. If all else fails there is a secret passage in the back wall of the stronghold that leads through the mountain and out the other side used as an evacuation. If this is used there is one last explosion trigger that will collapse the entire rockface that the choke point sits on.
Exact Location within Area Eastern Side of Eden

Current Places Within

Overall Income Generated 13,000 Xel Weekly
Overall Upkeep
1300 Xei

Current Personalities:

Current Neo Nano Queen:
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Eastern Chokepoint
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