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 Northern Choke-Point

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PostSubject: Northern Choke-Point   3rd January 2015, 12:44 pm

Name: Northern Choke-Point
Description: The Northern Choke-Point sits atop massive cliffs that overlook the ocean in the main bay area of Eden. The bay is the only area for miles that ships can safely land due to the rocky terrain and large cliffs that make up the Northern part of the Western Continent. The fortress itself is comprised of several tall towers that serve as both look out points and sniper nests for archers and other ranged combatants. Within the thirty foot walls are clusters of buildings for housing troops and supplies. The buildings are packed tightly together, forming many alley ways and narrow corridors save for one main road that leads through the center of the fortress. The main road is wide enough for ten men to walk shoulder to shoulder through.

Beneath the fortress is where the dungeons are held. The cells of the dungeons are carved into the the cliff face, leaving only two walls, a door, and an open wall leading to a very long, very deadly drop. Throughout the streets of the fortress there are dozens of trapdoors that, when stepped on, will give out, sending the unfortunate soul sliding down a smoothed slide of stone that dumps them out of the cliff face and down several hundred feet to their deaths. The traps range from size to be enough to swallow five people to just one soldier and appear exactly like regular ground to anyone unaware of their existence.
Exact Location within Area North tip of Eden (also entire West Continent)

Current Places Within

Overall Income Generated 13,000 Xei Weekly
Overall Upkeep
1300 Xei

Current Personalities:
Normal = Zane
Anger = Paul
Fear = Andromeda

Current Neo Nano Queen:
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Northern Choke-Point
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