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 Southern Choke-Point

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PostSubject: Southern Choke-Point   3rd January 2015, 12:44 pm

Name: Southern Choke-Point
Description: The Southern Choke-Point is the last bastion in Eden. It has two sets of walls in a square fashion. The first set of walls is about twenty feet high with platforms another ten feet up for troops to assemble and fight back attackers. The second set of walls are about seventy feet high with towers at a hundred feet. Between the two sets of walls is a large area that contains buildings for troop housing and other supplies. Housed in the middle of the second set of walls is a massive chakra bomb. Should the Southern Choke-Point fall to an enemy, the chakra bomb can be remotely triggered to destroy everything in a mile radius with SSS-rank strength. This bomb also acts as a signal to the other areas to prepare for invasion because Eden has been lost.
Exact Location within Area Southern part of Eden

Current Places Within

Overall Income Generated 13,000 Xel Weekly
Overall Upkeep
1300 Xei

Current Personalities:

Current Neo Nano Queen:
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Southern Choke-Point
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