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 Central Choke-Point

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PostSubject: Central Choke-Point   3rd January 2015, 12:44 pm

Name: Central Eden Choke Point
Description:  The largest of Eden's chokepoints, the Central Chokepoint sits upon the center of a lake. The walls are square but within them is the main structure which is circular and overlooks the entire area. In the four corners of the outer walls there is defensive watchtowers, as well as various holes at the top of the walls along the entire length of them that are there for counter-offensive measures. The main structure has two flat areas at the top on either side that have various defensive mechanisms such as catapults and the like.

The bridge actually is a huge mechanism that can sink into the lake, forcing enemies to cross the lake itself. What of the lake? Well it is full of Ludroths and the purple Variant which will both happily feast on anyone that attempts to cross the lake unprepared. The true thing invaders should worry about however, is the Abyssal Lagricus that is dormant underneath the castle. When the bridge is lowered however it is designed to awaken the Lagricus, which makes it quite unhappy.

Exact Location within Area Center of Eden

Current Places Within

Overall Income Generated 13,000 Xel Weekly
Overall Upkeep
1300 Xei

Current Personalities:
Normal = Zane
Anger = Paul
Fear = Andromeda

Current Neo Nano Queen:
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Central Choke-Point
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