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 Blockade 10

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PostSubject: Blockade 10   13th January 2015, 11:33 am

Name: Blockade 10
Description: The Shogunate Blockades are simply compounds made of iron with walls and towers. They function as miniature choke-points and are usually built similarly to the choke-points near them. Most of them contain large gates at the front and back of the compounds to allow passage once travelers have paid the road tolls. The blockades are situated on main travel routes, making it nearly impossible to move an entire army or platoon through an area without coming across them. They are well fortified and manned by several shinobi at a time with anti-siege weapons lining the walls and topping the towers.
Exact Location within Area Main Buildings Choke-Point

Overall Income Generated 8,000 Xei Daily
Overall Upkeep 800 Xei

Current Personalities:
Normal = Zane
Anger = Paul
Fear = Andromeda

Current Neo Nano Queen:
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Blockade 10
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