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 Chakra Reserves & Other Energy Types Information

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PostSubject: Chakra Reserves & Other Energy Types Information   2nd March 2013, 9:50 pm

Chakra Reserves Information

Every being on the site has chakra, likewise an individuals chakra reserves are finite and are rapidly consumed by chakra using techniques in battle. On this site we have a system which utilizes a jutsu limit which involves a set amount of jutsu each shinobi has available for use in a battle before they run out of chakra. This amount of chakra is determined first by the character rank then by the class of the character.

Rank Equivalence:

Chakra Equivalence:


C-rank {LOW}:

C-rank {HIGH}:

C-rank {ELITE}:

B-rank {LOW}:

B-rank {HIGH}:

B-rank {ELITE}:

A-rank {LOW}:

A-rank {HIGH}:

A-rank {ELITE}:

S-rank {LOW}:

S-rank {HIGH}:

S-rank {ELITE}:




Blood Limit

*All Shinobi & Civilians have different amount of blood in their body, under normal circumstances children 17 and below have 1 S-rank worth in blood while adults 18 and above have 2 S-ranks worth in blood. Nova follow the age they physically appear to be. In addition this reflects the amount of blood able to be consumed for techniques without killing the user, upon running out of blood however the user instantly dies from blood shortage.

Some Races & Classes Differ from the standard blood limit.

Concerning Natural Energy
Unlike other reserves the amount of Natural Energy each race can utilize in battle is equal. Except for Xeres which use their natural chakra limits as a measure of how much Natural Energy they can generate. In addition unlike other reserves Natural Energy is built up over time through training and doesn't replenish naturally in new topics when used.

Regarding Techniques which use Natural Energy

Senjutsu technique prices can use either:
Pure Natural Energy - Equal Rank Price
Natural Energy + Chakra - 1-rank Below Price Each
Natural Energy + Chakra + Blood - 2-ranks Below Price Each

Concerning Nen
Unlike other reserves the amount of Nen a character can have is fixed and has no correlation with race or class only Rank. Nen similar to chakra  is naturally replenished over a time period. In addition the link Nen shares with chakra is rather unique as if a Nen user runs out of chakra they are no longer able to utilize their Nen Tech in battle until they restore their chakra reserves this link however is not vice versa. This does not apply to those in the Epsilon Yakuza, due to them not possessing chakra at all.

Psionic Release User

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Chakra Reserves & Other Energy Types Information
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