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 Chakra Nature Transformation (Affinity) Information

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PostSubject: Chakra Nature Transformation (Affinity) Information   3rd March 2013, 5:06 pm

Chakra Nature Transformation Information

Nature Transformation is the process of molding ones chakra to mimic things occurring in nature and form a series of techniques which occupy the bulk of chakra based techniques, each of these chakra natures has it own properties, uses and advantages when paired up against other types of chakra natures. On the site there are four main classifications for the different types of chakra natures.

Energy Base Chakra Natures

Molecular Base Chakra Natures

Unstable Base Chakra Natures

Unknown Base Chakra Natures

Types of Chakra Nature Transformation
In addition to being classified into groups each of the Chakra Natures are separated into types, there are 7 types of chakra natures each one having their own advantages and disadvantages when paired against the others.

Primary Nature Releases
The Primary Nature Releases form the basis of all Nature Manipulation and are the most widespread among Shinobi the reason for this is there versatility and the fact that they can be combined with one another via Kekkei Genkai to produce more powerful Chakra Natures. In addition each Primary Release has two variations the first being available to the Ghost awakening which eliminates the various weaknesses that they possess by making them do neutral damage against other natures while being strong against their original Primary Release weakness. The mastered variation is made through special Kekkei Genkai which grant the Primary Release a large increase in power to the point that they are either deal strong or neutral damage to other nature releases.

Specialized Primary Nature Releases
The Specialized Primary Nature Releases are the advanced forms of the basic 6 which are good against the originals however each have a degree of independence from one another and can be utilized in sync with the originals to showcase their maximum power. They likewise have a wide versatility however they are unable to combine with each other nor do they have any advance variants.

Complex Nature Releases
The Complex Nature Releases are standalone nature transformations which possess some of the most powerful types of releases despite only comprising of single element nature transformation. Their strength comes from a lack of many common weaknesses with some not possessing weaknesses at all.

Awakened Nature Releases
These are a special collective of Nature Transformation which are in a class of their own in terms of strength however can only be obtained upon awakening into one of the four that possess these unique Releases.

Dual Combination Nature Releases
The Dual Combination Nature Releases are the direct result of combining any pairing of the 6 basic natures to result in new more powerful releases which can be chained with not only one another but the basic natures which comprise them to boost their power. The most appealing part of the Dual Combination Nature Releases are their versatility and unique traits each one having their own unique property which sets it apart from the rest. The Dual Combination Nature Releases are the strongest type of chakra nature transformations that are widespread among the races.

Tri Combination Nature Releases
The Tri Combination Nature Releases are the direct result of combining any three of the 6 basic natures to result in some of the most powerful nature transformation, each of these having little or rare weaknesses or possessing multiple strengths which offsets them. The most appealing part of the Tri Combination Nature Releases are their rarity as each of these are exclusive by either being Kekkei Tota which only elemental Kekkei Genkai clan's can possess or belonging to Bijuu/Jinchuriki with the former having access to all three constituent elements in addition to it, while the latter only has access to the Tri Combination Nature Release.

Ultima Nature Releases
These are the most powerful releases on the forum and both share the same combination, the only difference being one belongs to the Deities and the other is exclusively for "Perfect" beings(See Clans).

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Chakra Nature Transformation (Affinity) Information
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