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 Training Information

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PostSubject: Training Information   3rd March 2013, 3:38 am

Training Information

In order to gain jutsu Shinobi must train. On the site there are Six methods of training techniques for use in battle two will be covered in Bijuu Information as they pertain specifically to Jinchuriki. Training Topics count as liquid time however each occupies a certain slot Solo & Bulk training have the same slot, Dual & Team Training have the same slot, Sage & Jinchuriki training have the same slot, Chakra & Gate training have the same slot.

Solo Training
This is the solitary training of a shinobi in order to improve there skills. Solo training is achieved by making a single post of a certain word count which gives an chronological account of the Shinobi attempting to learn and eventually gain use of the technique. Shinobi can solo train ONCE every day and upon using up their training for the day they have to wait till the next day to train again.

The Word Counts for Solo Training techniques include:

Bulk Training
Bulk training is a sub-division of Solo training which involves writing out over the amount of a normal training and utilizing that word count to train multiple jutsu at one time. While effective seeing as one obtains the jutsu all at once in the next topic the Shinobi will not be able to Solo or Bulk train for a set number of IRL days which equal the number techniques they Bulk Trained. 2 Jutsu = 2 Days, 3 Jutsu = 3 Days etc.

Dual Training
This is a training session which involves more than one Shinobi actively working together with another Shinobi, Pet or Summon in order to learn or teach a new technique by accumulating a certain number of posts to meet the goal. When Dual Training the jutsu one is attempting to train must be mentioned at least once during the training or it is invalid.

Unlike Solo training Dual training topics do not rely on times instead one is able to take on another dual training topic as soon as they end the last one with the only restriction being that Shinobi can not be in multiple Dual training topics at one time. In addition one can only Dual Train with members from your village or Alliance members who are in your village at the current time.

The Post Counts for Dual Training are as follows:

Pet/Summon Training
This type of training involves the teaching of a Pet or Summon an additional technique or in the case of the Summon a new combination jutsu. These training function as dual training and the Shinobi can likewise learn a new technique along with their pet however in the case of training with a summon both learn the combination jutsu.

The Post Counts for Pet/Summon Training are as follows:

Team Training
Team Training is another subdivision of Dual training which involves a Jonin, acting Jonin or Sannin squad leader to simultaneously dual train with members of their squad in order to teach them jutsu at the same time.

When Training Two squad members at the same time the post limit is as follows:

When Training Three squad members at the same time the post limit is as follows:

Combination Arts Training
These involve training for combination arts among groups of shinobi. When training combination arts each of the Shinobi involved receive the jutsu upon completion of the training however Combination Arts do not register with the total amount of jutsu a shinobi can have at their rank.

When training two man combination arts the post limit is as follows:

When training three man combination arts the post limit is as follows:

When training four or more man combination arts the post limit is as follows:

Pirate World Training
Within the Pirate World most training occurs while travelling this is because Pirates constantly travel from island to island as they go through a sea and most will eventually find themselves navigating through more than one sea throughout the course of their journeys. As a result they have different methods of training than others.


Dual & Team Training:


Jax...Don't make me punch you in the face:

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Training Information
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