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 Time System

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PostSubject: Time System   17th March 2013, 11:18 pm

Time System

On this forum we have a time system and characters actually age and can die from old age as well as retire from active duty upon reaching a certain age. In addition age also has to do with when one can have kids, whether or not they will survive the endeavor along, along with the chances of mutations.

Divergent Time System


Each Race has a different lifespan however these are merely the general minimum and maximum age that each race dies not dependent on anything else but old age.




Dobutsu & Faunus

Each pet has a different lifespan however it is usually common for the pet to have the same lifespan as their original owner and when said original owner dies they likewise lose the will to live and pass on shortly after. This can be prevented however if they are sealed away for long periods of time as they remain in suspended animation.

Summons age in various ways however it directly depends on how much time and effort one dedicates to training with the summon. The more combination jutsu trained the larger the summon can grow however Humanoid, Large and Colossus Summons have a fixed growth rate. Small summons can grow to either Humanoid or Medium before growing to Large however in rare cases they can grow once more to Colossus.

Site Time Frame
Time on the site is done in skips either as a result of Plots or Site Wide Events the latter of which requires all the active characters on the site  to add the equivalent years to their character apps to signify that time has passed. For simplicity sake it goes by Genin, Chunin & Jonin Exams to determine skips however Actual Real Time can be used to measure time in the absence of that.


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Time System
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