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 Land & Travelling Information

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PostSubject: Land & Travelling Information   8th September 2013, 4:41 am

Land Information

On this forum there are a total of Four Continents;
- The Origin Continent which is known by Shinobi & Civilians as the Land of Beginnings while Dobutsu refer to it as the Land of Origins

- The Imperial Continent which is known by Non Shogunate sponsored Shinobi & Dobutsu as the West Continent and by Civilians and Shogunate Shinobi as the Shogunate section of the Imperial Dynasty.

- The Polar Continent which is known by all non-natives as the Land of Glaciers erroneously while those from The Land of Glaciers refer to it as the Land of Frost.

- The Summoning Realm which is known by all non-summons as just that, while Summons refer to it as The Land of Constellations.

The Imperial Continent
The Origin Continent
The Polar Continent
The Summoning Realm
The Four Oceans

The Four Oceans are what seperate the continents from each other, one to the west, one to the north, one to the east and one to the south. They are as follows in order of size:

The Abyssal

The Lost
The Frozen
The West

Travelling Rules

Location to Location - None
Location to Area - 125 Words or 5 Posts (Total) within a topic.
Area to Area = 250 Words or 5 Posts (Total) within a topic
Land to Land = 500 Words or 10 Posts (Total) within a topic
Land to Sea = 750 Words or 15 Posts (Total) within a topic
Sea to Sea = 1000 Words or 20 Posts (Total) within a topic
Continent to Continent = 1250 Words or 25 Posts (Total) within a topic

Alternatively you can use this system.
Area to Area = 1 Topic 10 Posts (Total) Long
Land to Land = 2 Topic's 10 Posts (Total) Long
Land to Sea = 3 Topic's 10 Posts (Total) Long
Sea to Sea = 4 Topic's 10 Posts (Total) Long
Continent to Continent = 5 Topic's 10 Posts (Total) Long

Note this just means going to a place, coming from a place will require you to travel yet again.

Mounts are creatures which serve to reduce travelling time when travelling alone or when everyone in the group has a mount. The result is essentially half the number of posts or word count needed to go to and from a location.


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PostSubject: Re: Land & Travelling Information   3rd August 2016, 4:34 pm

The Seas and the Pirates who travel through them

Pirates unlike Shinobi have a slightly different travelling system when it comes to naval pursuits, instead sea travel topics allow a Pirate to come across a new island, and after a series of Islands they can travel to another Sea. This repeats itself until they've travel through multiple however if they wish to backtrack then they only need to go through half as many islands before they reach their destination. It is only when one has gone to a minimum amount of islands in a particular sea that they can use the normal travelling rules to traverse through Oceans without penalty. As if a crew has traveled through the series of islands required to backtrack the entire crew must make joint Solo Traveling word counts in order to rapidly travel through the sea however doing such will not count towards fully traversing the sea and upon entering the sea another time the islands that were visited will not count towards the total required to freely travel a sea. Each Sea is different and thus, the number of islands in them are likewise different however Pirates have a ranking system for the difficulty of each of the seas and it goes like so:

Name of Sea: (The Name)
Threat Rating: Average Level of Difficulty of the Islands)
Min. Island Count: (Minimum number of islands required to pass through the 1st time)
Island Count: (Number of islands required to have been to in order to travel normally)

1. Northern Abyssal Sea
Threat Rating = D
Min. Island Count: 4
Island Count: 8

2. Frozen Sea
Threat Rating = C
Min. Island Count = 6
Island Count: 12

3. West Sea
Threat Rating = B
Min. Island Count = 8
Island Count = 16

4. Sky Sea (Optional, Location ...in the Sky)
Threat Rating = B+
Min. Island Count = 10
Island Count = 20
Optional Sea Traits = The Sky Sea is comprised not of water but rather Rain Clouds, or more accurately those created by the Arashi Clan which due to a joint venture with them, the Kukinorite and the Aero Tribe have managed to recreate the effect that Shigakure is under. Namely islands floating in the sky, except in this case each is drifting in the massive collection of super saturated rain clouds which comprise this peculiar sea. While most sky islands only shift over months, Kakegoe Island is notable in that it moves as it pleases taking advantage of the fact that the Sky Sea periodically drifts from one sea to another in order to travel to different locations.

5. Southern Abyssal Sea
Threat Rating = A
Min. Island Count = 10
Island Count = 20

6. Rift Sea (Optional, Location Everywhere & Nowhere)
Threat Rating = A+
Min. Island Count = ???
Island Count = ???
Optional Sea Traits = The Rift Sea is considered by many to be the remanents of the great rift prior to the merging of dimensions. What it really is only Cthulhu knows, but the common feature is the lack of conventional things, Gravity, Air, both are absent in the Rift Sea while Space-Time is distorted allowing travel from one Rift Gate to another if one isn't lost within it's Boundless depths for all eternity. Skilled Bounty Hunter's use this sea in order to quickly travel from Sea to Sea, avoiding the Goldbeard Ceadeus which make this place their home rumor has it though that the Rift Sea is key to travel outside of Gaia but...who knows?

7. Lost Sea
Threat Rating = S
Min. Island Count = 12
Island Count = 24

9. Ancient Sea
Threat Rating = SS
Min. Island Count = 14
Island Count = 28
Sea Requirements = The Ancient Sea only opens when one has traveled to each of the four Oceans; Abyssal, Frozen, West & Lost. Until a crew has traveled through each of them they will remain unable to locate the entrance to the Ancient Sea seeing as it would be barred from their comprehension by Cthulhu.

10. Ancient Sea Depths
Threat Rating = SSS
Min. Island Count = 16
Island Count = 32


The Islands

Navigating the ocean is rather perilous, despite the various advances in technology the Pirate world has in comparison to the Shinobi one. Still when travelling one will inevitably end up on an Island and from their most of a Pirates journeys and epic tales commence. Generally Islands follow a specific pattern, each having tasks available based on the threat level, sure one can avoid completing them and merely move from Island to Island however often times while trying to build up one's Bounty, Infamy, Merit or Fame Islands are the best places to reliably do so.

Islands will always have the following things:
1 Branching Mission
3 Missions
5 Bounties

Typically, the Pirates will go on the Branching Mission which leads to various things such as potentially getting a new crew member, treasure but generally all having to do with increasing the Pirate or Crew's collective Bounties. The Privateers will go on missions, which may or may not cause them to come into conflict with the Pirates which upon completion would give them Merit which they can use to get promoted. The Bounty Hunter's typically go on to collect the outstanding Bounties which are on the Island though the more adventurous might try to add the Pirates to their collected count, and likewise mingle with the Privateers whether to assist in the capture or to compete against them to do so. Finally Buccaneers can take any of the three, whether they decide to take up the Branching Mission to build up their Infamy the usual way, Missions to do so and earn the ire of Privateers due to outperforming them or even putting their own spin on normally peaceful or upright missions and finally they can do Bounties, due to not all Bounties being for Pirates, often times some might be for Privateers as well which would give the Buccaneers infamy in regards to Pirates they've captured. The commonality is that it is based on threat rating which in some ways matches the Shinobi way of ranking things however in other ways it differs.

Typically Branching Missions link together:
1st Fauna Boss (End of the Mission has a Boss which is usually a type of Fauna)
2nd Boss (End of the Mission has a Boss which is usually a type of Pirate)
3rd Sea Boss (End of the Mission has a Boss who is assisted by Mini-Bosses and typically requires a Crew to defeat due to that)

Missions however vary, but typically involve keeping the peace, defending a port against Pirate incursions, escorting ships things of that nature. Privateers need to complete a set quota of missions in order to be promoted and what not typically starting at the bottom of the Privateers already assigned to a superior officer on their ship. Furthermore Privateer missions too can link together:
3rd = Fauna Boss
6th = Boss (The Same as Pirates however typically it's either a Pirate, Buccaneer or Rouge Bounty Hunter, Privateer Bosses happen extremely rarely.)
9th = Sea Boss (The Same as Pirates however typically it's either a Pirate, Buccaneer or Rouge Bounty Hunter, Privateer Sea bosses happen very rarely.)

Bounties, are a bit different due to almost always involving combat, due to hunting down Pirates, Privateers, Buccaneers or even sometimes Rouge Shinobi. The difference however is that Bounties don't care how you get it accomplished only that you do, thus a Bounty Hunter can be taking on multiple Bounties at once, as long as they get completed then they can collect their reward. Of course it goes without saying that Bounty Hunter's can be after the same Bounty resulting in them also occasionally competing against each other to get their targets. How Bounty Hunter's become more famous is in the Piracy Information, and typically those Bounties which lead to bosses are the result of the mission spiralling out of control as just like Missions, Bounties can link together:
5th = Fauna Boss
10th = Boss (The Same as Pirates however typically it's either a Pirate, Buccaneer or Privateer, Rouge Shinobi Bosses happen extremely rarely.)
15th = Sea Boss (The Same as Pirates however typically it's either a Pirate, Buccaneer or Privateer, Rouge Shinobi Sea bosses happen very rarely.)

Buccaneers due to going on any of those missions, also bear the risk of triggering the boss events for all three occasionally being hit back to back with Bosses due to improperly spacing out what they ended up taking or running into conflicts with those who are legitimately required to take such missions. This is because after all of the events on an island have been completed they do not refresh until one has traveled to another sea. Time in the Sea moves by quite quickly as with every Sea Boss it moves the time-line ahead by 3 months (for that specific Pirate Crew, typically it is up to a Historian to keep track of this however everyone should as it is important). One will notice the way this is set up is that, multiple events can be happening at once and their is no mention of any sort of Plots or anything of the sort. This is because Pirates aren't driven by some overreaching plot but instead go on their own adventures which may or may not involve the other crews and types of Pirates within the world.  

Threat Rating

D - No Devil Fruit user's, Very Low Privateer Presence, Bounty Hunter's prefer live capture, Fauna aren't threatening & Weather is nice.
C - Devil Fruit user's are very rare typically being sea bosses, Low Privateer Presence, Bounty Hunter's prefer live capture, Fauna are barely threatening, Weather is mostly nice.
B - Devil Fruit user's are rare typically being sea bosses and maybe the 1st mate, Moderate Privateer Presence, Bounty Hunter's prefer live capture if Bounty is below C, Fauna are kind of threatening, Weather is sometimes nice.
A - Siddhi user's are rare only being Sea Bosses, Devil Fruit user's are uncommon typically being Sea Bosses and 1st Mate or occasionally a Boss, Above Average Privateer Presence, Bounty Hunter's can go either way but don't take risks if Bounty is above B, Fauna are moderately threatening, Weather is rarely nice.
S - Siddhi user's are uncommon typically being Sea Bosses or 1st Mates, Devil Fruit users are uncommon often being Bosses or on the Siddhi user's crew, High Privateer Presence, Bounty Hunter's will capture dead or alive with no preferences, Fauna are threatening, Weather is never nice.
SS - Siddhi user's are common typically being Sea bosses, and their 1st & 2nd Mates, Devil Fruit user's are common as Bosses or Primary Crew members, Very High Privateer Presence, Bounty Hunter's prefer capturing dead especially if Bounty is above A, Fauna are dangerous, Nice Weather? What is that?
SSS - Siddhi user's are the norm everyone will have it at some level, with Sea Bosses having it in combination with a Devil Fruit, while those who lack it will always have a Devil Fruit or some other equalizer. Very High Privateer presence with full or specialized mastery of Rokushiki, various types of Admirals are now common bosses or sea bosses. Bounty Hunter's capture dead regardless of Bounty sparing is very rare and typically only PC's do so. Fauna are highly dangerous...sometimes more so than the various types of Pirates....combined. Underwater Weather is the farthest thing from nice that something not nice can get.

-For Crews, When travelling only crews count, meaning if a new member joins the crew then the amount of islands they have reached only counts starting from them joining as a crew. This means that a crew can go to various islands and pick up members without having the number of islands required to fully travel through a Sea be reset. This however also means that if someone leaves the crew then they will have to fully travel to places all over again unless they join another crew.
-For Mods and those attempting to Rp as a Pirate, Islands are not predetermined they are typically made up on the spot each sea does however have a maximum amount of Islands available which is based on the Land Information as each Island counts as a Location (and thus may have places within them.) New Islands will be added as Stickies to threads, however this is the master list for easy reference OOCly.
-While modding, the difficulty of Encounters is established by the Sea and the amount of time spent in said sea. They typically increase in levels based on the above details for Pirates, Privateers, Bounty Hunters & Buccaneers. However in order of difficulty encounters should be it goes like this:
N. Abyssal - Weakest Sea and thus the easiest encounters
Frozen - The 1st Encounter is equivalent to the N. Abyssal's 1st Fauna Boss Fight
West - The 1st Encounter is equivalent to the N. Abyssal's 1st Boss Fight
Sky - The 1st Encounter is equivalent to the N. Abyssal's 1st Sea Boss Fight
S. Abyssal - The 1st Encounter is equivalent to the Sky's 1st Fauna Boss Fight
Rift - The 1st Encounter is equivalent to the Sky's 1st Boss Fight
Lost - The 1st Encounter is equivalent to the Sky's 1st Sea Boss Fight
Ancient - The 1st Encounter is equivalent to the Lost's 1st Boss Fight.
Ancient Depths - Strongest Sea and thus the most difficult encounters

Island Count:


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Land & Travelling Information
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