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 Summoning & Sage Mode Information

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PostSubject: Summoning & Sage Mode Information   8th September 2013, 10:06 pm

Summoning Information

Summoning is rather intricate on this forum and has it's own governing system and a life outside of the whims of the Shinobi World. All Summons exist in the summoning realm one of the only dimensions still intact from the events of the Juubi Arc. The Summoning Realm is a host to a myriad of creatures ranging from mythical to mundane however there are Twelve of which are currently the most powerful and are known as the Zodiac Contracts . Under these twelve are their natural allies two to each and are known as the Greater Contracts (24 Total) and finally those not affiliated with any of these fall under the Unknown Contracts (52 Total).

Summons are closely aligned with the Zodiac Signs & Constellations and each region in the areas controlled by the Zodiac Contracts and their allies are named after one of the twelve with the Unknown contracts claiming all of the other Constellations.  

The Twelve Zodiac Contracts and the respective lands which they own along with their natural allies(Greater Contracts) are listed below.

Current Unknown Summoning Clans:

Summoning In Relation to Shinobi

Summoning Classes

Summoning Chakra Reserves.

Blood Reserves

Summoning Price

Using Summons in Battle

Natural Energy Senjutsu and Sage Mode Information

Sage Mode

Once one has grasped the concept of gathering Natural Energy they are able to enter a physical state named Sage Mode. When active, Sage Mode increases the user's physical abilities, as well as augments the power of their techniques by converting them into Senjutsu when one adds onto it with Natural Energy. This Balance of chakra and natural energy results in the drastic empowerment of a shinobi's latent abilities.

There are two forms of Sage Mode available to those who possess an Animal Summoning Contract both of which must be learned in order.

Partial Sage Mode

Sage Mode

Note: The Exclusive Summoning Contract Fighting Styles can be taught by the Master of the Summoning Contract to their chosen Apprentice upon the former completing:
Zodiac Contract Holder: Signing the Contract
Greater Contract Holder: Natural Energy Training
Unknown Contract Holder: Partial Sage Mode Training

Note: Senjutsu technique use up Natural Energy not Chakra and must be built up before Senjutsu & Sage Mode are able to be used. In addition unlike chakra if one uses the built up Natural Energy they have it does not naturally replenish, and must be built up all over again.

Nega Energy

Note: Those Contracts which possess Animal Contract Curse Marks allows it to serve as a substitute for Sage Mode Training allowing the benefits in regards to learning the Summoning Signature Fighting Style, being able to train Summons to learn Additional techniques and the like. In addition once it has been signed as long as said individual comes from the lineage of the Summoning Contract Holder who first took the curse seal they are able to:
1. Learn the Signature Fighting Style of the Clan without either Learning about Sage Mode or obtaining the Curse  Mark.
2. Upon losing the contract or having it fade out of usage upon making the seals they will be brought to the location of the Summons with the success chance for them being increased. Zodiac becomes a 1/10 Chance of Death, Greater becomes a 1/100 while Unknown will now have no chance of death when one is reverse summoned to the Summoning Realm after making the Summoning Contracts Hand Seals and not already being contracted to one.


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Summoning & Sage Mode Information
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