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 Pet Information

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PostSubject: Pet Information   9th September 2013, 3:09 am

Pet Information

Pets are the result of the domestication of the animals and creatures which inhabit the world, once a pet is domesticated it can be taught to harness it's natural abilities to aid a shinobi and in turn the shinobi can teach the pet to harness the chakra within it's body. Using creatures in this manner gives the shinobi a permanent ally who will assist them through thick and thin due to a domesticated pets innate loyalty to its owner.

Pet Sizes
There are numerous sizes of pets, the list going from smallest to largest is below and it is common knowledge that domesticated animals are weaker than their Wild counterparts.

Pet Taming


Pet Chakra Reserves

Pet Blood Reserves

IF One has a Summoning Contract they are unable to obtain a Pet. Likewise if one has a Pet they are unable to obtain a Summoning Contract the only exceptions to this rule are the Yaju Clan.


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Pet Information
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