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 Missing Nin Information

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PostSubject: Missing Nin Information   2nd March 2013, 2:21 am

Missing Nin Information

Missing Nin are Shinobi who have defected from their villages for various reason and because of that are recorded in Bingo Books in order to preserve village secrets. Missing Nin are usually hunted by members of their village Hunter Nin in particular however they may also be hunted by members of their clan if they were part of one. The Lifestyle of a Missing Nin is rather brutal considering they are left on their own however they have their own methods of surviving in the shinobi world and are free to travel wherever they want of course at the constant risk of being hunted down and killed.

Missing Nin Rank Information

Missing Nin on the site have an equivalence to the normal Shinobi ranks on the forum in addition missing nin have a sort of notoriety system which involves them having to kill a certain number of targets to fulfill their rank up requirements. These can be PC or Npc either or in addition while hunting down others their topics may be dropped in by Hunter Nin within the Land that they are currently hunting in.








Missing Nin Privileges

Besides the obvious ones being autonomy and being able to jump in on missions on random missing nin also have a few other benefits over normal Shinobi.

The first being that Missing-nin of any rank can join any village except their original village, in which they will be protected by that village but the will not be taken out of the bingo book so hunter nin of their original village can still hunt them without consequence. This however changes if said missing nin establishes a clan in their village of occupation which causes them to be hunted at the risk of starting a village war.

Free Lance Missing-nin can be hired for missions within villages and gain double the normal reward upon completing it. However while doing these missions Tokubetsu Jonin-Hunter Nin can randomly drop in at any time as long as they are within the area before hand. In addition Npc T. Jonin can randomly drop in during A-S rank missions while Npc Hunter Nin can randomly drop in during SS-SSS-rank missions.

Missing-nin Organizations

Missing-nin can create organizations which can be full of either Npc's or other PC's which help them on missions in pairs of two or can assist with defending themselves. Once this is made the Missing-nin gets their own secret base. The members of this organization typically follow orders from the leader depending on how strict or lax said leader is towards his/her members, failure to comply results in punishment or ejection from the group which results in the ejected member now being targeted by their former allies.

The way to add these members however is by intercepting missions as well as going on special Missing Nin missions where fellow missing nin can join your organization so long as you meet there requirements. This only goes for Npc Missing Nin however as PC missing nin simply have to meet up with one of the organizations representatives before meeting the leader of the organization in order to be allowed in after fulfilling whatever qualifications the leader demands. In addition Missing Nin organizations do not count as "official" organizations so members can still belong to the various organizations in the main villages despite having additional hunting from members of the group they used to belong to.

There can only be 11 members of your Organization at one time (PC and NPC & excluding Leader which makes 12) and in order to get a new member you must kill or eject of one of your old ones. PC members can either be equal or a lower rank as the leader of the organization. PC's a higher rank can not join organizations where the leader is a lower rank than them however they can fight the current leader for the position of leader. There is a max of 10 Npc's the leader can recruit to aid their organization however only 2 can be the same rank as the organization leader, 4 can be one rank lower than the leader and the remaining 4 are two rank's lower than the leader. These Npc's can be ranked up just like any other missing nin through completing successful kills during missions.

Members of the same Missing Nin Organizations travel in pairs when completing missions. However they can receive back up from their allies and up to 2 additional members of the organization can randomly jump into the topic as long as they were in the area before hand and it is in times of peace. In war times the only limit to the amount of allied back up members of the organization can receive is limited to how much manpower the organization has to spare and it is not unheard of to see all Twelve members assisting each other within a war topic.

Missing Nin Villages/Hideouts
Hideouts exist for S-rank missing nin who possess an Organization, these are special areas which are only visible to fellow missing nin and are some of the only places outside of the Land of Madness that a missing nin can post freely without getting jumped by Hunter Nin. In addition it is also places that missing nin meet up for alliances and what not.

Upon becoming at least S-rank missing-nin you can obtain a village and get members at the cost of taking away one of the hideouts from the general missing nin public and claiming it as your own. These members will be NPC's completely created and controlled by you. Villages made by missing nin have limits once that limit is reached in order to get new members one must kill off the old ones to make space.

Every time an S-rank missing nin or above successfully completes an equal rank mission they will be able to choose one out of these choices for people who will join them. In addition before they become an S-rank missing nin each time they rank up they can gain these however the Npc missing nin gained are put on reserve until the PC missing nin gains their hideout upon becoming an S-rank missing nin.
-1 Npc who is equal rank to you (Caps at S-rank)
-2 Npcs who are 1 rank lower than you (Caps at S-rank)
-3 Npcs who are 2 ranks lower than you
-4 Npcs who are 3 ranks lower than you
-5 Npcs who are 4 ranks lower than you

Be aware that this only counts for the NPC's joining you. If a PC wants to join you they don't follow any of this. NOTE: The ability to create a village & gain NPC to fill said village remove ones ability to gain alternate characters simply due to the sheer amount of Npc Shinobi they are able to obtain for use because of it. See Alternate Character Information for the amount of starting techniques Missing Nin Npc start with.

Missing Nin Limits

We are only allowing people to start as D-rank Missing Nin unless one is already part of a village and ICly defects then they can be whatever rank they were prior to leaving the village. Upon defecting from a village an individual gains a Bingo Book Entry however it may only be complete up to whatever is reported by those who witnessed their defection or any survivors of their actions post missing-nin.


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Missing Nin Information
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