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 Team Information

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PostSubject: Team Information   2nd March 2013, 3:22 am

Team Information

Teams are the backbone of organized miltaries and involve a mentor system between a high ranked individual and a group of lower ranked individuals. In addition this group varies depending on the respective ranks of both parties however single apprenticeships are common as well. Team leaders accompany their team on missions and ensure that it gets completed while trying their best to make sure everyone gets back alright of course sometimes the mission takes priority over individual lives.

Shinobi = Squads
Knights = Orders
Shogunate = Teams
Yakuza = Divisions
Pirates = Crews
Dobutsu = Hunting Parties


Team Leaders are the highest ranked officers in charge of leading a group on a mission, occasionally however they may be of equal rank with the others that they are attempting to lead however were appointed leader based on experience or a particular skill set that puts them above the others for this particular mission.

Shinobi Squad Organization

Pandora Knights Order Organization

Shogunate Team info is in Shogunate Faction Information
Pirate Crew info is in Pirate Faction Information
Yakuza Division info is in Yakuza Faction Information
Dobutsu Hunting Party Info is in Dobutsu Faction Information


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Team Information
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