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 Getting Away [Travel]

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PostSubject: Getting Away [Travel]   16th February 2015, 3:08 am


Kyo ran towards the coast as fast as he could, for he didn't want to witness the consequences of becoming a missing ninja. He was leaving to become his own boss and he wanted to do what he wanted to do. The teen felt like fighting for any faction was a waste of time and that they were all wrong on trying to solve the problem. So he was going to leave and do his own thing. As he reached the shore Kyo noticed a man in beaten clothes and a big hat on. The man was very old and had wrinkles as well as a grey beard on his chin. Kyo looked at the man and waved as he caught his breath, "Hey...... Can I... Get a ride to the Land of Graves?" He was obviously out of breath and had just been running for a while. The older man was standing on his boat, paddle in hand, looking curiously at the teen who had sweat dripping down his forehead. After a little while of awkward silence, the man nodded. Kyo smiled as he jumped in, causing the boat to sway back and forth, "Thanks old man, but try to move quick, I'm kinda in a hurry if you can't tell." He smiled at the man, showing that he didn't mean harm by his comment about the man being old. The old man gave a creaky laugh, "Aren't you forgetting about paying me my Xei?" Kyo shook his head, "Nah old man, you got it wrong. My friend in the Land of Graves is going to pay the fee. I wrote him a letter and everything telling him to have the Xei ready." Kyo was lying his ass off, but it was going to get him where he was going. The old man stared at Kyo for a while, studying him, trying to determine if he was telling the truth or if he was lying. After a few seconds the man pushed off the coast using the paddle, obviously deeming Kyo as trustworthy. A while went by with a silence over the two, just the sounds of the water being pushed by paddle. Then the old man decided to speak up, "So what makes you leave in such haste?" Kyo was laying down in the boat with his hands behind his had, simply looking over the beautiful night, "Don't you think that's kinda nosy old man?" Kyo laughed a little before sitting up and resting his arms on his knees as he sat leaning forward a bit, "Well, if you really want to know, I left the place because I don't believe in what they were fighting for. I worked hard at the academy to become a strong shinobi, but for what? To get wasted on the battle field, fighting for something I didn't believe in? Nah, that wasn't going to be me. I'm goin' to do my own thing." Kyo had no idea why he told the guy, probably because he felt like he needed to tell someone and express himself. The old man stopped paddling as shock hit his face, "You're a....." Kyo stopped him rather quickly, "Yes, a missing ninja, now shut the fuck up and keep paddling because you're the one who wanted to know why I was in a hurry." At this point Kyo had a kunai out in his hand, aimed at the man's chest, "I don't want to hurt you, but I need the ride so I will if I need to. But I trust you for an odd reason." The kunai was put back in it's pocket and the old man had a sign of relief on his face. "Now just keep going where we're heading and no one gets hurt. Oh, and don't say anything about this to anyone. No one has to know that you helped me leave, just act like it never happened because I don't want there to be problems old man." He smiled at the man, and the man gave a scared smile back, "Got it." The man paddled on longer, trying to get to the destination, scared to death of what might happen. After a few more hours the sun was starting to rise and all the mist was lifted. Sounds of frogs and other creatures could be heard as they made it closer to the shore of the Land of Graves. Soon the boat hit the shore and Kyo stood up and yawned, stretching out all his muscles at the same time. Kyo turned towards the old man and pulled out a kunai, "Well it was fun while it lasted old man, now don't go back and say anything about our little trip, or else you know what happens right?" The old man nodded rapidly. Kyo then put the kunai away and smiled, "Well, so long! Hope you live a happy life old man!" Kyo gave a quick wave as he turned around and started walking away. The old man hesitantly waved back, looking slightly confused as he did so. Well Kyo made it he was officially a missing ninja. The sun continued to rise in the sky, creating a pinkish orange color in the sky as Kyo walked away.

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Getting Away [Travel]
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