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Join the fight against the Gobi in the Land of Graves

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 On the Move [Travel]

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PostSubject: On the Move [Travel]   Thu 19 Feb 2015 - 3:36


The sun was finally starting to dip down behind the mountains, for the time was nearing night. The air was mild and there was little wind anywhere in the area. Kyo was walking on a dirt trail, trying to get farther away from the place he came from. He was not just wandering around though, he had a specific destination he was heading to, the Land of Madness. Apparently that was where all the missing ninja went and it was safe there for them, well for the most part anyways. Speaking of missing ninja, Kyo had previously took one down. He didn't mean to at girl, but his life was in danger, she could of killed him instead, plus she wasn't speaking that much of the human language, he only heard about one sentence of human come out of her mouth, but other than that, nothing. It could of went worse though, if he didn't manage to kill her, it would of been two against one. He was still surprised the creature she as with didn't try getting revenge, but it was whatever. On the good side of things though, he managed to collect here bounty. After he saw that she had a bounty, he quickly located her body and dragged it in. Anyways, it was dark now and all he could see in the sky was the moon and the stars. The teen continued to walk along the road, trying to get there quickly. It was kind of lonely being a missing ninja, well that was what Kyo thought from his one day experience of being one. He needed a friend, someone that shared the same goals with him and that could travel around with him, reaching their goal together. That would be nice, really nice. He was just so bored walking around by himself, well fighting that girl was interesting, but he had to experience it alone. Yeah he was really interested in making a friend to be with. He barely even started being a ninja yet though, he had to remember that. He laughed to himself, knowing he still was going to run into more situations like that i his life, and he still had to train and get stronger which was also going to be a lot of fun. After thinking of all the things he was going to be able to do he got really excited and a smile grew on his face. As he walked he noticed he was on top of a hill and he saw a bunch of buildings under him, which looked pretty with all their lights on. He was happy he was out of the Land of Graves, he was now in the Land of Madness. He was really tired of the day so he was going to sleep as soon as he got in town, but the next day he was going to train his ass off and create some deadly jutsu. Kyo ran down the hill quickly, trying to get there before everyone was sleep.

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On the Move [Travel]
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