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Join the fight against the Gobi in the Land of Graves

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 Traveling back to graves.

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PostSubject: Traveling back to graves.   1st March 2015, 12:32 am

Reiver's body was in some pretty bad shape as he traveled from Madness's Black Dome back to the boarders of Graves, it was going to be a tough one considering even though he reverted all his stuff back to standard his body kept forcing the Bachiatari Seal to appear every few hours or so draining his body of a bit of blood and energy he needed to make it back to his Squad. "Man..." he huffed "Why did I break an arm like this...." he sighed out softly as he continued to move forward. Man things were getting tiresome he would have to travel like this for hours and disengage his Bachiatari Seal each time it would activate its second seal. It wasn't the first time Reiver was on the move for his life. it pained him too much to summon a summon to heal him so he kept moving forward he he constantly felt the pain from his arm, when the seal wasn't active it would be a numbing pain like a bad bruise, when it would activate it would end up being a mind numbing type of pain that shot through his body every time it moved a little. "Fuck how much longer will it be till i get back and out of this area.... I don't need to be attacked anytime soon not yet at least." Reiver had been wandering for a while now his eyes were getting blurry and his sense of direction was getting worse, however he was able to used one of his jutsus to bring out a crystal dragon and rested on it as he was breathing heavily. "All right buddy i need you to take me back to Hakagakure as soon as possible I'll leave the traveling up to you." he sighed softly as he started to rest his body while the dragon took off toward where Hakagakure was, and where he not to know knowledge run into Cherish who would be looking for him  as he had been missing for a good while now. Well his journey continued for some time as he traveled on the back of his dragon, his condition was getting worse, but thanks to him saving energy by laying on the back of his dragon he would slow the pace at which it would worsen. His body felt drained while his body was now mostly numb to the pain as he became nothing more than a dull throb to him. He didn't know how long it would take but it was actually only a few more hours until they would reach the boarders of Graves... funny he could very well be dying by bleeding out from his messed up arm that happened to rip a bit after he broke clean through the bone. "Where are we..." He wasn't sure, but it had a rather familiar scent to it. It would be the boarder of Grave, not that he would know anytime soon. Only an hour longer and he made it into graves and the dragon would make a noise to let him know they were over the boarder. "Thanks there bud" he would speak before moving a little bit.

Reiver Ogura:
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Traveling back to graves.
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