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 Hit Faster [Training]

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PostSubject: Hit Faster [Training]   7th March 2015, 11:08 am


Kyo would stand on top one of the buildings swinging his arms around, as well as kicking the air as fast as he could. He decided that if he wanted to be strong, he had to be fast, and he had to hit fast. Kyo would strike the air multiple times, even though he was getting tired. Sweat would slowly drip down his face as his arms moved in a rapid motion. His arms would ache as he continued to swing, occasionally putting in a few kicks. Kyo would smile as he sat down, his arms and legs felt like they were going to jump off his body, he loved training. After a few seconds to grab his breath, the boy jumped down from the building and went inside to eat.

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PostSubject: Re: Hit Faster [Training]   7th March 2015, 3:27 pm

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Hit Faster [Training]
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