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 Thoughts on a Ship (Travelling)

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PostSubject: Thoughts on a Ship (Travelling)   11th March 2015, 9:11 am

The port was as lively as ever, Sunrise floating over the sea with its beams of orange light reflecting along the water, waves carrying it warmth along with it as they hit beside the rocky seawall. Fishermen had long since set out for their daily escape, women already manned their stationed at small shops, weaving and cooking for the hungry and interested travellers, a lone preacher stood upon a crate explaining the need for Kami, seamen, or rather legal pirates returning from a recent blunder, and cruises being boarded as the rich took their holiday leave from the dream life. Beggars lined main roads and buskers performed openly, but none could be louder than those unloading stock from their grand boats, wool or something it seemed. Rebecca, Miku and the other guy walked along casually, on a mission to find their captain, the usual delivery man for most of Rebecca’s overseas ventures, he stood by his ship, the Malefic, patiently staring into space with a cigarette in hand and a bag slung over his shoulder, from head to two dressed like a no good citizen of poor taste, exactly how most men were in this line of work, so naturally one couldn’t complain. It took only a matter of moments before the complimentary introductions and business talk was over before they walked the ramp on deck to stand as precious cargo as the anchor was lifted and ropes untied, making way for Greed, the land of the greedy. Honestly, Rebecca’s ideal place to live, but Jasmine had that stupid alliance with the Shogun, making profits even more annoying. Jasmine, its been her first thought for quite some time now, every morning right up to her nightmares in bed, her mind is flooded with planned scenarios and regret. What did she regret however? To be honest she didn’t know. Not telling her about Jazz, not being understanding, accepting those depressing relationship terms, telling Jasmine how she felt, meeting her...It was difficult to know where the line of true regret starts, but even so, she cannot help how she feels.

Jasmine has spent her life with the idea that sex was a normal act, performed with anyone requiring no real attachment, yet Rebecca has gone the opposite way, ending with it becoming an activity that she could only ever do with someone who meant the world to her, it was simply the worlds biggest incompatibility in every way. Its unsure as to whether time apart will mend their gap or only dig their hole deeper, however it is sure to be a deciding factor once Rebecca returns. Miku has noticed that something was wrong, surprising since she is usually so hard to read, but when you refer back to compatibility, Miku and Bec were perfect, not only that, but they have a much stronger history to build onto rather than a random backstory meeting. I mean, they ran away from their homes together, went down the same roads, went to jail together, to be honest, if not for Miku’s early release the pair would still have been together today and Jasmine not even ever reaching friend status. Prison, what a terrible place. Actually, almost from the point of running away life was miserable, its funny how only now Rebecca can look back and not recall a single positive event that took place, before it was always clouded by Miku’s presence, but with Jasmine she was actually in a better life, a fulfilling life. The contrast was far too much for one to continue to ignore, Rebecca will return to the Western Continent, she has to, if only for closure, otherwise there is just no point to doing any of this. The letter, what a horrible thing to do. She was so angry at the time, but to leave just like that...No Jasmine needs to know why she left, its just not fair.

Lucas was over on the other side of the deck with Miku, flirting as usual, trying to make the girl of his dreams love him back. It’ll never happen of course, Miku, much like herself, only enjoys the companionship of females, afterall, they did go through that experience together. The breeze would pick up as the port turned into a speck in the distance, blowing her hair back as she swept her gaze across the horizon looking for some kind of inspiration as she stared at the postcard, the message on it was pretty shit to be honest, but that wasn’t where the content will be. With each postcard she sends, a letter will be attached, that is what Rebecca is working on now, her first Letter to Jasmine. Or rather, a proper goodbye. The other pair would keep their distance, already being aware of her current relationship issues and giving the poor girl some time to reflect on the sudden change, this trip, it really is needed. Several hours would pass as the time hit roughly an hour or two past midday, maybe later, Epsilons grand city of Greed in view as preparations were made to dock. She had long since completed what was needed, standing and joining her brother and best friend as they watched the hurly men do their thing, funny enough only Luu seemed to stare with any form of lust. They would joke and laugh, before taking in the new atmosphere of this foreign land. She had been here before, hell she lived here years ago, yet now...well it was unrecognisable. Epsilon, truly a force to to feared, these structures are like nothing else in existence, leagues beyond the rest of the worlds infrastructure. The ramp would be tossed down as the trio made their exit, each swaying on account of readjusting their sea legs to land. Rebecca would hand over her letter with its delivery instructions, before taking out her notebook, double checking details of the meeting and making way. This was to be the most difficult of all and to be honest, she wasn’t at all prepared. This bank shit was way premature to being ready, it was just an excuse to leave. Sigh, here we go.

Word Count: 1027

Needed: 1000

Continent Travelling Topic

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PostSubject: Re: Thoughts on a Ship (Travelling)   11th March 2015, 10:12 am



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Thoughts on a Ship (Travelling)
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