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 Siege [Dipugakure] - The Fall of Dipugakure.

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PostSubject: Siege [Dipugakure] - The Fall of Dipugakure.   17th March 2015, 12:04 pm

A Golden Ceadeus swam deep underwater near the floor of the Abyssal Ocean it was not alone as it was flanked by other younger Ceadeus eight of them in fact while three Abyssal Lagiacrus in total swam behind them all of them moving with a purpose. It was an odd sight considering under usual circumstances the two species didn't get along in the slightest, but that wasn't all groups of creatures native to the land of abyss were teaming out of the ocean all of them being lead by the God Beast towards a single destination Dipugakure. A rumbling would occur as the Ceadeus would utter something in beast tongue causing the groups of Lagiacrus to split up, each being flanked by two Ceadeus one heading towards the north dome, one heading towards the South Dome and the last heading towards the West Dome.

They were 0.3km away from Dipugakure proper still it didn't mean they weren't close in terms of relative distance, their size made such distances trivial and when they split up the head in different directions fully intending on making this a pincer formation. Each of the groups had a specific target and purpose each being lead by one of Orochi's most skilled Dobutsu and he was confident that the shinobi would have absolutely no chance against his forces even though this was their home terrain, the ocean had been the Aqua Tribes home for generations far longer than the Shinobi's hidden village had been created. No it had been hundreds of years since the Aqua Tribe Dobutsu last fought against Dipugakure and this time unlike the last they had no intention of being caught off guard and not rallying amonst themselves to repel the invaders. They had not forgotten the last bought the only reason they had lost being those accursed weapons the shinobi had made tales of the "Rulers of the Deep" had been passed down from Alpha to Alpha warning future generations of Dobutsu against the power of such artifacts the only consolation Orochi had is that those imbalanced artifacts were now lost to history as nothing should have that much power over Gaia's oceans. Each of the Beta's in charge, Calypso, Tidus & Bermuda would secure a victory for the Aqua Tribe, this Orochi was sure and it was up to him to destroy any opposition head on.

With each of them having reached their destinations in mind, the creatures and animals following suit would likewise trail after them splitting the force first in half which remained with the Golden Ceadeus before the half that broke off would split into three groups each heading after the pairs of Lagiacrus. The Golden Ceadeus would roar once more a sphere of energy collecting in it's mouth before being compressed and then launched forward straight at the center of the Dome Defenses attempting to obliterate the structure in one go. It would travel a huge distance as the Golden Ceadeus was quite satisified with playing a range game to target Dipugakure from deep within the ocean and due to being comprised of Natural Energy not to mention it's speed it was unlikely one would be able to detect the incoming threat until it hit. The target was the connections between each of the Domes to isolate the enemy and prevent reinforcements from arriving unless through the ocean depths where Orochi reigned supreme.

They had travelled all the way from Malice to do such, with Orochi deciding to strike at the heart of the Shinobi dwelling in the water, he had no use for islands or things above ground but it was an insult to his ancestors that such a structure was allowed to exist in his domain. As a result he left only leaving behind a message for Aria of his exploit so as to co-ordinate the war effort with her and the rest of the Alphas. It was easy to travel while in their origin forms and he would take with him those within his ranks which could survive the intense depths that were the Abyss as any others would be unsuitable for combat in the pitch black underwater terrain. Only those creatures and animals which were used to the terrain would be suitable for this siege and Orochi looked forward to slaughtering the shinobi who dared to confront him in this terrain, he was indeed curious to find out whether or not these shinobi who thought themselves so secure in the depth of the Ocean could really defend themselves against the true Creatures of the Deep.

761 Words, Traveling from Land (Malice) to Sea (Abyss)




"I've grown disillusioned with the idea of a shinobi, innumerable amounts of them are seen running around throwing around flashy ninjutsu and have lost sight of what it truly means to be a true assassin. Perhaps I'll be the one to shatter that illusion, and reeducate the populace on what it really means...to be called, Shinobi."
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Siege [Dipugakure] - The Fall of Dipugakure.
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