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 Summer's new sword (B-day gift)

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PostSubject: Summer's new sword (B-day gift)   19th March 2015, 12:36 pm

Sword Name: Vexos
Sword Appearance: This sword is much like Glimmer in that it is a Nagamaki. However the decorations and colour scheme are much different, much more grim compared to her shinier weapon. The blade of Vexos is a deep grey in colouration, veins of red running through the blade. Several small holes have been drilled along the back edge of the blade however they do not seem to pass all the way through the sword. The hilt is white in colouration and wrapped with iron grey wrappings that are marked with lines of runic script in deep red. The pommel is bronze and drilled through to have a ribbon fluttering from it, the ribon being white with the kanji for 'Blood', 'Ash' and 'Fire' inscribed on it in silver.
Sword Chakra Nature: Ash Release
Sword Description: Vexos does not actually have an ability on its own rather it infers an ability upon its user. When this weapon is held on the body, be it in a sheath or in the hands it projects a field around the user that matches the length and reach of their weapon, for example a Geka Seido samurai would find that the range is equal to their batto range. This field is closely linked to the user's spatial awareness and they are able to detect anything that moves into the field, the general shape and size of it and where it is in relation to their facing.

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PostSubject: Re: Summer's new sword (B-day gift)   19th March 2015, 12:47 pm

remove the slow-down effect and boosting of said thing a rank, that's another ability. Leave the ability as just the spacial awareness effect is an ability on it's own because it's essentially granting a new sensory medium. Also I'd prefer if you didn't use the word aura? Call it a field. Once these edits have been made it's approved. Once it is feel free to make barrier ninjutsu/kenjutsu revolving around sensory involving this ability if you need additional stuff considering Samurai can make use of their weapons ability.

Admin Edit = Approved Add to Bank.


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Summer's new sword (B-day gift)
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