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 Too Bad... [Traveling]

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PostSubject: Too Bad... [Traveling]   Wed Jul 15, 2015 7:13 pm

It had been a week of Kyo looking around for Kirin. He had no luck finding his friend. It was really sad that he couldn't find her because she was a great partner and she was a girl who liked him too! Kyo couldn't just look around for her the rest of his life though, he had things to do. The girl was most likely dead or just left Kyo behind. Either way Kyo was sad to leave her, but he just had to. The teen was starting to get over it though, he only knew the girl for a few weeks anyways. Now he was heading back to the port, walking along the road. He remembered meeting a girl, well two girls a while back, and he was going to use them to help him get stronger. He was sure they'd come to some use later on down the road. The girl, Bella, told Kyo to meet them at the port if he needed them. Well now was their time to get some action because he needed new travelling partners. He did miss Kirin though, he liked her and everything. After thought of her he remembered that if they were to meet again that was how it was supposed to be. If they were to never see each other again, that was also how it was supposed to be. The teen smiled once he spotted the port a few distances away. He was eager to start the next chapter of his life with Bella and the weird chick.

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Too Bad... [Traveling]
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