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 Introductions to the Demons

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PostSubject: Introductions to the Demons   16th July 2015, 11:18 pm

A months worth of time away from the village was starting to have its effects on Mat. Honestly the thought of never returning wasn't to far off in his mind. Still a lot had happened to Mat over this trip. It had done him a great deal of good. His questions about life had been set straight and his path laid before him. Mat had received a blessing for re-enforcing what he already knew deep within. A power Mat still didn't full grasp. Take on recent movements involving the family of the Inakamono and things were getting really complicated. So it would stand to reason that Mat had a long way to go before he was up to snuff for the things to come. These travels were intended to be a time to find one's self but now, Mat needed them to train and prepare himself. Step one on this new road was getting into Epsilon. A task he'd been told many times was a difficult one. To over come it Mat needed to tap this new blessing he had received. Wonder if I can call forth a demon now... Mat thought to himself laughing slightly as he did. I mean this god forsaken evil feeling has to be good for something, right? O GRAND DEMON I SUMMON THEE. The thoughts continued as Mat found his way to a clearing in the forest. O shit I guess I was supposed to say that out loud for anyone to hear me. Wait if I call them shouldn't they be able to hear my thoughts? Shouldn't they at least feel me wanting them to appear? WHY AM I STILL TALKING TO MYSELF IN MY HEAD!!! "MY GOD SAVE ME FROM MY PAIN!!" Mat suddenly burst out in a fit of panic. To a great surprise of Mat, a portal appeared. A rather large, almost mirror like door appeared. At least it seemed like a door, but without a knob of any kind. Mat saw the shape appear but it didn't really hit him what it was. He stood in silence with a knife in hand waiting for something else to happen. Finally a large three seemed to carve itself into the mirror like door. The everything went silent. Minutes passed with Mat looking at the portal and the portal looking back on him. Till finally Mat lost his shit. "WHAT THA FUDGIE THREE TOED MONKEY IS THIS?!?" Mat screamed out pointing at the wall.

From the mouth of the beast, like the legends of old came a being of pure darknes. Of pure anger and hatred. Of pure ... pure ... Ok so I honestly don't know what makes up half of these guys. I'd guess cardboard and plastic but its probably more sugar and spice and nothing nice. "O this better be entertaining." Mat spoke out again as a rectangle completely exited the portal. The card back facing Mat provided nothing entertaining at all. The rear of a card is the least interesting unless covered in things like pretty woman, nude men, or those little ducks. Narrators love ducks. Mat wasn't interested in the least in this plain looping design. "Hello hello?" Mat called out to the beast hoping that it would say something but words never exited the flying hunk of cardboard, but quickly and suddenly the card spun round and put Mat face to face with something so ugly ... so ugly that even a mother couldn't love. A pale white face, some ugly bits of eyes and a nose perhaps, but on top of his head sat the only thing that really mattered to the potential mates of the world. A crown of sorts, marking the lineage of royalty. O yea. He had to be loaded with that jewelled piece of metal, but there was some other things wrong with the king that may prevent people from taking his hand. Like he seemed to be stuck behind a wall of the card. Like looking through a window or something. He couldn't exit the card but you know that wasn't the real deal breaker here. No the deal breaker came when you realized there was something far worse wrong with him. Like a sword through his head. Every few moments the man behind the window would tug at it trying to pull it out, but couldn't seem to get it to budge. A shocking of sights but this caught Mat's attention. "My god your an idiot aren't you?" Mat questioned as the king just kind of shrugged. An idiot in deed for who gets a sword stuck through their head and doesn't die. A person without anything to harm up there that's who. The king spun his card around and as if dancing in air the king seemed to raise the mood of all around. Mat couldn't help but laugh and clap. "God this could be far more entertaining than I thought." He said through his laughter.

The king seemed to quickly spin around Mat and taking up post behind Mat as the parade continued. A hand reached through the portal this time. Slowly the blue, alien like fingers wrapped around the edge of the portal. Slowly a second did the same on the other side of the mirror like portal marked with a three. The blue figure pulled itself through final, revealing a rather grotesque figure. Something even the blue man group would have turned down despite not needing gallons of paint. It stood somewhere around six and half foot tall. Its arms seemed about a foot longer than they should be, hanging his hands down by his knees. Thin scrawny arms at that, only but a handful of spaghetti noodles thick. Its chest was narrow and honestly resembled a top to a pyramid when you looked down towards the beasts massive gut. Round and bulbous and void of a belly button, and that seemed odder than anything else. His legs seemed to stretch out bellow his ghastly guy, and looked as though they didn't have the strength to hold up a two month old toddler much less this beast, and yet here it was standing tall. Its toes gripped at the dirt as it got a feel of being out of its portal jail cell. Mat was too busy looking at the rest of the beast to really get a solid look at its face. He was amazed by the thing. It was ugly, putting it extremely lightly and yet captivated Mat's interest without equal. He looked on with a smile, but then he moved his gaze up to the beasts head. Mat's vision honestly isn't much better than fuzzy outlines of things but even he physically gag-ed after catching a glimpse of the things face. Snagged teeth, and a crooked nose, and what honestly seemed like either a giant mole or a third, nope sorry there was another, fourth eye. Moles, and wrinkles, eyes and noses, even an ear tossed into the pot to make up this beasts head. Yea, this could be a problem to hid this thing from on looking eyes. It tried to speak to Mat but only a babble came out of unrecognisable squabbles. "What the hell is wrong with you?" Mat couldn't help but spout out. The beast seemed to enjoy those words as in a flash, the mass of ugly ass beast moulded itself to mirror Mat. "What the hell is wrong with you?" It spouted back with the same cocky smile Mat had. Mat was really going to enjoy this guy after all.

Mat's replacement took up place next to the king, behind the real Mat. Honestly Mat had gotten over the monsters face and it had once again captivated his interest. Not only was he a wonder to be marvelled at but he could change his appearance and his voice. Amazing. "What the hell is wrong with you?" The monster said again with the same type of smile as before and finally something hit Mat. "He's a fucking idiot." mat said quickly losing interest. "He'd a fucking idiot." the monster said back with a slightly sickly growing smile. The beast repeated again as if waiting for something else to come out of Mat's mouth so it could copy that too. "WELL YOU AREN'T GETTING ANYTHING FROM ME!!" Mat spouted out, only to of course have the beast scream it back. Mat covered his ears in a fit of anger. A long moment passed by with the beast yelling the same words over and over until finally, a butterfly broke the silence. A beautiful creature to contrast the monstrosity that had just stepped foot into this world. Its graceful flight around Mat seemed to quell anger from him. Gently he held out a finger and it touched down. The soft touch of the creature seemed to completely calm Mat, all the way to his inner most core. Mat looked on bewildered by its beauty and grace. Its wings flapped without making a sound and its gentle legs moved along Mat's hand. And its razor sharp teeth dug into Mat's finger drawing blood. "SON OF A BITCH!" Mat shouted out in pain as he slung his hand, shaking the beast from its perch on Mat's hand. The Mat clone of a blue beast followed suit and started to yell out too, only adding to Mat's anger. The butterfly scattered around through the air looking for a new perch. Its teeth now obviously out in the open, blood dripping from them. It had a great taste for flesh, that was easy to see now, and Mat wasn't too thrilled about that one. Still every stone in a building has a purpose. Mat would just have to try extra hard to find a purpose for this damned thing. All of these damned things. Horrific creatures all of them, and all of them have to have some purpose. Like taking out his anger on them or something.

These demons were information though, and all information should be recorded. Information is the key to everything in this world, the next, and every other world out there. Mat's Acolyte body would never be able to create Inakamono Volumes that he was taught to use years ago. Instead he'd need a substitue. Void energy took the place of normal chakra. It became the glue that bound the papers of the book. It became the leather of the cover of the book. It enchanted the book with a new power that would make it so that only another Acolyte holding the book could read its words. Babbling words sure but words none the less. With the books made, Mat began scribbling in them as that god forsaken blue demon kept screaming out. Seriously that thing needed a freaking muzzle to make sure he'd never speak again. Maybe Mat could sow his mouth shut. That could work right.

1820/1800 wrds

Techs Learned:
Third Level: Portal - B-rank - 400
Third Level: Card (Pride) - B-rank - 400
Third Level: Gaki (Greed) - B-rank - 400
Third Level: Tickle (Gluttony) - B-rank - 400
Aura of a Servant - B-rank - 400
Chaos Volumes x3 - B-rank - 1200
Chaotic Panic - B-rank - 400

Total wrds needed: 3600
Shuin Branch Perk: 1/2
+ Genius in Isolation - You are the child who sits alone in the corner you think is slow, only to find out he's created some type of super weapon. Half the cost for any solo training for normal techs (doesn't count for awakening training, tota training, element training, tailed beast, etc etc)
Total wrds needed after perk: 1800

Jutsus Learned:
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PostSubject: Re: Introductions to the Demons   17th July 2015, 5:50 am



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Introductions to the Demons
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