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 Mission Request (Zero)

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PostSubject: Mission Request (Zero)   29th July 2015, 4:52 pm

Zero approached the receptionist at the mission assignment center. He looked slightly skittish as this would be his first actual mission request. But he knew if he was to get stronger and actually seem of worth to Xan and Carmen for the Knights then he would need to do this. "I.I.I.I.I... I would like to request a C.C.C.C rank mission please....." Zero really hoped he was prepared for this. He had done some training and finally found his ronin ability, but would it be enough? Or would he end up dying? He was unsure and that made him so terrified his knees began to shake.
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PostSubject: Re: Mission Request (Zero)   29th July 2015, 5:00 pm

The recptionist would hand the timid boy a white folder with some papers in them, it would explain the mission with detail  as to what are the requierments. She would then shuu the boy away as not wanting to be bothered anymore then she needed to it was a lame job to be honest.

White Folder:

Perfect Disorder:
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Mission Request (Zero)
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