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 Disruptive Fauna (C Mission)

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PostSubject: Disruptive Fauna (C Mission)   29th July 2015, 5:23 pm

Zero made his way to the location given for where the three fauna had gotten into Jigogakure and began making a ruckus. Hopefully it was just some startled beasts rather than something overly scary like Midogaron or a Tigrex or a Nargacuga. He was incredibly nervous but as he made his way to the location via the rooftops he tried his breathing excersizes to calm his nerves. He was no longer defenseless. He had been training and had powers now. He could do this.... Hopefully.
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PostSubject: Re: Disruptive Fauna (C Mission)   29th July 2015, 5:48 pm

The the Kunchuu's would be in one area terrorizing a group of kids scaring them and chunking rocks at them trying to crush them. They we're unaware of anyone approaching them from behind but they we're trying to reclaim their land that the inhabitants had stolen from their ancestors. It was only right in their mind that they make the villages pay by scaring them off or killing them if need be as it really didn't matter if they did or not their mission was their only priority . If anybody was to interfere with them it would mean imminent death to the intruder, hopefully they would sneak and not be brave enough to take them head on.

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Disruptive Fauna (C Mission)
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