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 Calm Before the Storm [Solo training]

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PostSubject: Calm Before the Storm [Solo training]   12th September 2015, 3:10 pm


With the Preliminary matches finished and his entire team victorious as well as the other team from Dipu, Ka could be seen wandering the the abandoned village residing just below Kohaigakure, anxious over the matches taking place next month. There was a chance that he would be facing against either or both of his own team mates, which to be honest he wasn't all too excited for. Jazz he had fought with many times, and from her display in the preliminary matches honestly grew tired of her. Ada on the other hand he had only face off against once and while victorious, he had no desire to face off against someone who thought of people as nothing more then toys, unless it was meant to kill. It was no secret to his team that he didn't like them very much, in fact had started to grow a hatred for their races and clans. Well not exactly their races, he couldn't condemn an entire people for the actions of two individuals, but the Kukinorite and the Zerin for sure. What kind of people are willing to kill those within their own clan in order to gain more power? Cowards, thats who.

So as he moved throught the village he would notice many buildings that seemed to be falling apart, which reminded Ka of his second full team mission. He had of course gone a head and demolished the building while his team slowly made their way, which had pretty much instantly resulted in the team having a fight. He nearly killed Ada that day, and wasn't phased by it at all. They had berated him, ridiculed him, never listened to him when he always tried so hard to get them to all act as a team, and yet failed miserably. they had always felt like they were better then him just because they got a pass into the genin exams without attending the academy, a place essential for students to learn the basic's of team work. Nope not these two entitled pieces of shit's felt that just because they could just lord over everyone else. Don't get me wrong Ka still wants his entire team to pass the exams, but he would want his team to also be humbled by their opponents so that they could learn their place. Sure they may be next in line within their clans to lead, but they would be destined to watch their clan crumble if they didn't clean up their act's soon enough.

So Ka would enter one of the buildings he instantly started to picture his team surrounding him ready to fight, which made the teen sigh, but at the same time smile. Perhaps they were good for something, Motivation. He would draw his newly aquired swords when something started speaking to him within his mind. "Who dares use me with a single hand?" This caused Ka to whip around looking for the source of the voice. "In your hand fool" Brisingr said within his mind which caused him to lose his grip of the blade, but only slightly. "What the hell are you? How are you speaking to me?" Ka said out loud only to hear a laugh from the weapon. "You truely are a fool, it's no wonder your squad can not respect you. Are you truely so blind that you can not recognize greatness when you're holding it?" Responded Brisingr after finishing his laugh, which caused him to swing the sword at a beam and left it embedded within it. "My name is Ka Jiko. Call me a fool once more and I will take you into the planets crust and let you become nothing more of a memory" Ka spoke while gritting his teeth, clearly aggitated by the comment of his new sword. "I get too much of that shit from them, last thing I need is to hear if from a fucking sword"

"I am no mere sword boy, I am Brisingr, holy weapon of fire. If you do not weild me as intended then I guess I shall forever sleep within the planet" And with that Ka would attempt to swing his other sword Inferno at Brisingr in hopes to silence the blade for a short time while he did his training, but would be surprised in what would happen next. the Moment Brisingr came into contact with Inferno, Brisingr seemed to absorb Inferno with ease. "Ahh thank you, I was feeling hungry" The sword would say as Ka jumped back from the surprise of seeing that just happen. "Now grab hold of me with both hands" Ka did as he was instructed. "This is the only way you are to wield me, the way you fought in you previous match was disgraceful, though effective. You showed little to no self contro..." Ka had Swung the blade as hard as he could in the air, and was shocked to see a shockwave of sorts tear through the building. "You have no idea how much I wanted to go all out in that match, so don't tell me I have no control. Everything I have done so far in my career has been held back thanks to those two, because I never felt good enough" Brisingr would sigh as Ka spoke and would remain silent as the boy continued to swing the blade around with reckless abandon, sending wave after wave of compressed air into different parts of the building, turning it to splinters causing it to crumble with Ka still inside. "Jiko, keep me at your side and wield me properly and you will become the greatest swordsmen in the world"

"No Brisingr, I will become a god to these people one day. They will kneel before me or fall to my fucking feet" Ka said with a scowl on his face as he would resheathe the blade and would start to leave the cumbling building. "Oh and to answer your question from earlier, I touch greatness every day with my morning scratch" He said with a chuckle after leaving the building, then he would grip onto dragon's tail and would swing it at the building as hard as he could and would send a massive wave towards the building, completely demolishing it. "Now to send a letter to see if I can get any new gear before my next match" He said putting his sword away. "You better hope your skills are as refined as the so called gear you will be getting from these people, or else it will be all for nothing" "Yeah, let's only hope so, or else this will be a short match"


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PostSubject: Re: Calm Before the Storm [Solo training]   14th September 2015, 3:20 am

K your good.


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Calm Before the Storm [Solo training]
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