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 Team 10 - Chunin Promotion Celebrations

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PostSubject: Re: Team 10 - Chunin Promotion Celebrations   Thu 17 Mar 2016, 11:50 pm

Omito smiled in delight, "Oh cool, I always wanted a summoning contract." He was truly happy that his sensei was doing this for him. Honestly he wanted to make a contract with spiders, but he was okay with foxes. Omito was then nudged by Cherish and he saw her puppy dog eyes and started laughing. He then watched as Summer jumped in, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. Instead he looked at his sensei and shrugged his shoulders, knowing that the man had no other choice but to pay for the grub.
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PostSubject: Re: Team 10 - Chunin Promotion Celebrations   Fri 18 Mar 2016, 12:16 pm

"Hehe, I'm sowwy Sensei, I'll try and curb that bad habit of mine." Cherish said with a giggle as her plan was a success though when he spoke about giving her a gift her eyes would lose their mischievousness and instead be filled with something else. She would take the scrolls with slight reverence as she knew it wasn't a light gift, a shinobi's techniques were their everything and knowing exactly what they could do gave up secrets which could spell death for the shinobi in question. "Thank you sensei, I'll do my best to learn as much as I can from them." she said while hugging the scrolls close to her body for a bit and then quickly tucking them away safely into her inner pockets. While Summer asked the million Xel question Cherish would happily gorge herself on sake downing a cup and reaching over to pour herself some more while affixing her puppy dog eyes on Omito as she noticed he hadn't bothered to take a sip of sake either. But she chalked it up to him being to busy marveling over sensei's gift to him, signing a summoning contract that was pretty cool. She wasn't bothered though, Dokusei didn't really have a strong affinity to summon animals anyways, but they made up for it by having a natural connection to Gaia and besides sensei's scrolls more than made up for it. She had heard that he had been the one to safely relocate the main dome to new Dipugakure such control of the terrain she couldn't wait to eventually master her earth affinity to that level, it was a terrain changers dream to shape the field in such a way.


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PostSubject: Re: Team 10 - Chunin Promotion Celebrations   Fri 18 Mar 2016, 5:29 pm

Almost as if he read her mind Reiver rubbed Cherish's head before speaking. "Don't go moving villages now haha..." That was more of a joke on his part since he knew he put the technique that he used to migrate the dome during the attack on Dipugakure. "I'm glad to hear Omito, just so you know how important this is on my part this scroll has been part of my family for a long time now. My ancestor Kivirik Ogura held the contract last, keep it safe." He smiled at the three. "Please, Summer, you act as if i don't keep tabs on my favorite little genin... i mean chunin haha." He was hoping to avoid the conversation that. However, Summer brought it up. "What have i been up to huh? Hmmm What did the Kage tell everyone about me?" He looked at the three hoping they would answer him first so he knew where he could skip out on. Since they were all drinking he decided to order some plum sake, his personal favorite, since it would be the last time he could drink like this.

Reiver Ogura:
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PostSubject: Re: Team 10 - Chunin Promotion Celebrations   

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Team 10 - Chunin Promotion Celebrations
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