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 Test Update

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PostSubject: Test Update   10th October 2015, 10:57 pm

Chakra Reserves Information

Every being on the site has chakra, likewise an individuals chakra reserves are finite and are rapidly consumed by chakra using techniques in battle. On this site we have a system which utilizes a jutsu limit which involves a set amount of jutsu each shinobi has available for use in a battle before they run out of chakra. This amount of chakra is determined first by the character rank then by the class of the character.

Rank Equivalence:

Chakra Equivalence:


C-rank {LOW}:

C-rank {HIGH}:

C-rank {ELITE}:

B-rank {LOW}:

B-rank {HIGH}:

B-rank {ELITE}:

A-rank {LOW}:

A-rank {HIGH}:

A-rank {ELITE}:

S-rank {LOW}:

S-rank {HIGH}:

S-rank {ELITE}:



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PostSubject: Re: Test Update   12th October 2015, 12:04 pm

Thanks Meim, it's been added to the Reserves. Good job


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Test Update
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