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 Missing Ninja Plot's

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PostSubject: Missing Ninja Plot's   10th December 2015, 10:09 am

Everyone joining the missing ninja group post your sub plots here and once everyone has that we will make the main plot.
Chapter-1 ~ http://narutobeginnings.forumsmotions.com/t7154-chapter-1-getting-insub-plot-bounty#54469

Chapter-2 ~ http://narutobeginnings.forumsmotions.com/t7188-chapter-2-a-helping-handcd#54794


The Mariot Hotel(Gohan Mikaboshi)

    Chapter-1 ~ Getting in
  • Finally landing in madness Gohan hears about a area somewhat like the pits where young warriors and can fight and make money eager too get started and training he joins without a second thought and is plunged into a fight with a girl Kukinorite; after a quick fight he wins and only suffers one injury and stab too the gut causing him too flee in search of a medic inside the confines of these bandits building...

  • After some searching he is lead too the Doc a Taki missing ninja who is actually the doctor for all of the fighters who enter the arena, he quickly fixes Gohan up, and with out charging him due too him winning in the arena a perk of these people who he found out called themselves "The Mariot". During his leave from the medical wing of the building a man confronts him, a representative of the organization who has a mission for Gohan, he promises wealth, power and fear in working for the group. Gohan jumps at the opportunity.....

  • The mission was simple enough, there was man that the group had captured and planned too put into slavery maybe for his genes or just something else. Gohan did not care and would not ask for any personal information he was too take him too the Land of Torment and drop him off too a disclosed location unharmed. It was a protection service all whilst keeping a low profile.

    Chapter- 4
  • Gohan did not ask information and that was a mistake seems he was dropping the man off to a Knight of Pandora who was now attacking Gohan for being a rebel and fleeing, he was forced too defend himself and kill and immortal. Upon killing the enemy he found out he was a spy for the mariot forced too flee Gohan retreated too madness.

    Chapter- 5
  • After the fight he made his way back with the man still in his care too the land of madness once he made it too the port he dropped the man off in the building he had gotten him from and he was met with a very unhappy response, though after explaining himself he was allowed a second chance a more straight forward task. However the night he rested he was awoke by shinobi trying too kill him, they were too high level so he fled.

    Chapter- 6 after finding out what wenr wrong Gohan found out the Mariot was after him for killing a spy the immortal he had fought in silence, his only choice was too return too Pandora for more power, unknown too Gohan he was being tracked by two teams a B rank missing and the other a team of Three ninja two D-Ranks and one C-Rank. Using the their spys already in the lands the mariot planned too kill gohan before he reached Samui on the sea.



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PostSubject: Re: Missing Ninja Plot's   18th December 2015, 10:31 am

Chapter One: A Delve into History


Perfect Disorder:
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Missing Ninja Plot's
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