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 Clan Relationships

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PostSubject: Clan Relationships   10th December 2015, 9:23 pm

Clan Relationships:

I got bored, wrote this up? This okay I was going to add this to the clan stuff and pair clans up this way while any clan which doesn't have a pairing with another clan is Neutral to that clan.

The Clans which already have pairings are.
Lineage Allies
Shinto & Yaju

True Allies
Mikaboshi & Zakiyoshi
Bishamon & Fushicho

Traditional Allies
Arashi, Kukinorite & Juryoku

Fresh Allies
Taki & Mishura

Mortal Enemies
Bishamon & Mikaboshi

Blood Feud
Fushicho & Zakiyoshi
Hokkai & Kurogane
Dokusei & Chromatica

Mishura & Denkou

Taki, Kurogane & Dokusei
Kukinorite & Rikigaku


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Clan Relationships
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