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 One Master, One Apprentice. (Dual Training Xan & Zaku) [Closed Except to Hiro]

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PostSubject: Re: One Master, One Apprentice. (Dual Training Xan & Zaku) [Closed Except to Hiro]   3rd April 2016, 11:35 am

First thing he was looking at Xan and seen him nod. Next thing he knew he couldn't see anything and his eyes felt like they were cut in half. The boy immediately screamed as he fell to his knees with his hands covering his eyes, "AAAAAaaaaaaaaaa! Aaaag!h My eyes! I can't see anything! I can't see anything! What did you do to me?!" The pain of receiving a curse mark was bad, but losing one's eyes was extremely worse. After a while of screaming, Zaku now would be pretty much sobbing on his knees. Blackness... Darkness... Blackness... Darkness... There was nothing else. He couldn't see anymore, he had lost his vision. How was he going to live this way? He couldn't see anything. How was he going to fight? He couldn't see anything. His whole life was ruined. His dream of becoming strong was shattered. Zaku would stop sobbing instantly when he heard Xan's voice. He would pay close attention to his words, he said this was for his benefit and growth. "How the fuck is taking my vision away helping me grow? You crippled me?!" Zaku spat this out as he turned his head in the general direction of Xan. I'll kill him! Zaku's face full of rage, he would stand up slowly. Who I am I kidding? He would wipe the floor with me when I had my vision. What do I think I would be able to do without it? Zaku fell back to his knees, arms limp against his sides as he dropped his head down. He just kept wishing that it his vision would return, that maybe Xan was going to fix it then and there. Nah. From how Xan was talking, he was serious and actually believed this was going to help. "What is the reason you did this then, huh? Why did you blind me?" His speech was more calm now, and more filled with sadness than anger. He never imagined something like this happening. He never thought his new Sensei would do something so sinister to who is own student. Zaku knew he left his guard now, and now he has to pay the price of being blind. He knew people in Pandora were crazy. Shit, he was one of them. He just never thought he would be the one at the short end of the stick when it came to stuff like this.

Zaku would shake his head, almost laughing at what Xan said. He wanted him to practice? To train? Ha. "Oh Sensei. How the hell am I going to train? Have you forgotten that you blinded me? I can't see anything!" Zaku would pound his fists into the ground, cursing under his breath. "At Silver Knight? You'll give my vision back?" Zaku had no clue how he was going to do it, but he sure as hell was going to! He had no other options at this point. He knew it would probably end up getting him killed, not being able to see any attacks coming, not being able to see his enemy. Oh, it was going to be impossible for him to continue as a knight. Zaku listened to what Xan said about learning Braille and nodded his head with a sarcastic smile, "I assume you're right. That will be the only way I could read again." Zaku listed to the words about the scroll Klaus gave him. So it was in Braille? That meant Xan was planning this from the beginning.
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PostSubject: Re: One Master, One Apprentice. (Dual Training Xan & Zaku) [Closed Except to Hiro]   3rd April 2016, 4:53 pm

Xan would see that the loss of vision had devastated his student, as it should have now he would be forced to adapt or die trying. Of course he wouldn't die he was not allowed to, and Xan would be keeping an eye on him so as to make sure none of the other bottom feeders within Pandora capitalized on his students weakness and killed him. He wouldn't tell Zaku that it would be better for him if he though he was in danger constantly it would make him improve quicker. "I will give you a hint, it isn't the same but I hear it is comparable to it. Learn how to transform into a Bat and use Echolocation to orient yourself, when you become familiar enough with that method of "sight" learn how to do it in your human form. I do not just do things because I can, chances are if I never took your vision you would never even think to touch upon your more subtle gifts." Xan said said walking over so he could get closer to Zaku.

"Training is over for today. I will allow you to get used to your new perspective on life. Brace yourself when you stop moving you will be in front of your house. I suggest you use the familiar boundaries of a place you've lived in to get used to having to find your way around without the use of your eyes." Xan said and if Zaku didn't resist he would attempt to grab him again and drop him off in front of his house. Xan would not stop but for a moment to drop Zaku off before continuing on, as he had other stuff he wanted to do today now that his goal had been achieved.

(Xan Exits)


"I've grown disillusioned with the idea of a shinobi, innumerable amounts of them are seen running around throwing around flashy ninjutsu and have lost sight of what it truly means to be a true assassin. Perhaps I'll be the one to shatter that illusion, and reeducate the populace on what it really means...to be called, Shinobi."
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PostSubject: Re: One Master, One Apprentice. (Dual Training Xan & Zaku) [Closed Except to Hiro]   3rd April 2016, 5:26 pm

Zaku would listen to everything Xan told him carefully, but he gave no reply to the man. Echolocation was a great idea though. He forgot that he could use that to move around. It wasn't going to be some simple task though, using it in his human form was going to be challenging, just like everything else from here on out. He was going to damn near have to learn how to do everything a different way from here on out. If he wanted to learn how to commute, he was going to have to start memorizing areas more than ever. It was definitely going to not be fun. Zaku nodded his head, showing his Sensei that he understood that he should learn to use echolocation. It really seemed like Xan thought this was going to improve Zaku. The boy wondered how, but all he could really do was trust in the man who ruined his eyes.

The blind boy nodded when Xan said training was over. Apparently Xan was going to take him home now. When his master approached, Zaku didn't make any moves. He was simply picked up and in a short amount of time was dropped off in front of his house. The boy assumed he was facing the right direction as he slowly walked forward towards the door. He tripped over the step, he couldn't remember where it was. Once he slowly got up. He felt the floor with his hands and made sure to lift his feet over it. Then he felt around for the door knob before somehow getting it opened and making it inside.

Total Techniques Learned:
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PostSubject: Re: One Master, One Apprentice. (Dual Training Xan & Zaku) [Closed Except to Hiro]   3rd April 2016, 5:29 pm

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PostSubject: Re: One Master, One Apprentice. (Dual Training Xan & Zaku) [Closed Except to Hiro]   

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One Master, One Apprentice. (Dual Training Xan & Zaku) [Closed Except to Hiro]
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