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 Jasecca Bank (Eden)

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PostSubject: Jasecca Bank (Eden)   23rd February 2016, 11:39 pm

Name: Jasecca Bank (Eden)
Description: The Jasecca Bank, for all your financial needs. It is a tall building with deep roots beneath the ground, capable of holding billions of Xel at a time, but general has money transported securely throughout random intervals each month. It is capable of withstanding heavy attack and has been reinforced as a stronghold in the case of an attempted robbery.
Exact Location within Area: N/a
Location Est. Population: 100,000
Area Wealth Lvl: 1

Monthly Income Generated: 4,333,333
Monthly Upkeep: 308,933
Monthly Profit: 4,024,400

Bank Information:

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Jasecca Bank (Eden)
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