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 Sane Cave

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PostSubject: Sane Cave   30th April 2016, 11:47 pm

Description: This is the cave near the base of Mt. Lucid which forms a network of tunnels which wind through the entirety of the mountain. It is filled with stalactites and stalagmites & dim light making it difficult to see without an visionary aid of some sort, likewise the area is damp and the ground due to their moisture is slippery causing those who are not utilizing chakra or some other adhesive surface to cling to surfaces to slip and fall nor find purchase along the walls. It opens up into a wide area with several tunnel entrances though due to the stalacitites and stalagmites it makes it seem smaller than it the dim light only adding to the difficult terrain. The cave ceiling is quite high about 80 ft up after travelling about 40 ft past the mouth of the cave. In total there are five tunnels, three of them loop back to the main entrance while two continue to different sections within Mt. Lucid, the middle tunnel heading to the Sane Cave Depths while the far right tunnel heading to of Mt. Lucid (Interiror).

Vision (Reaction Tiers) - Distance seen
Normal (D) - Quartered
Raised (C) - Halved
Night Vision/Heightened (B) - Normal

Exact Location within Area South-East

Current Places Within
- Sane Cave Depths - Whereas the cave entrance is dim light, this area the light is reduced further with little no light being present and it continues underground. As a result the creatures dwelling here possess either night vision or some other method of seeing in order to navigate their way around the area. It is the same as the upper level in terms of difficult terrain
Vision (Reaction Tiers) - Distance seen
Normal (D) - None
Raised (C) - Quartered
Heightened (B) - Halved
Nightvision/Enhanced (A) - Normal


Overall Income Generated None Atm
Overall Upkeep None Atm


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Sane Cave
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