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 Mt. Lucid

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PostSubject: Mt. Lucid   1st May 2016, 12:29 am

Name: Mt. Lucid
Description: A large mountain comprised of numerous cliffs reaching several thousand feet in the sky. Other than that it is like most mountains, tall and with it's own ecosystem both living on it, and inside of it. It wasn't however originally a volcano but rather was a Lao-Shen Lung breeding ground and was once filled with conflict until the Nanabi got sick of their feuding and wiped them out with it's venom. Upon their corpses the mountain was built and overtime it became a real mountain as their flesh broke down and the minerals they fed upon bonded with the earth in the surroundings.

Exact Location within Area South

Current Places Within
- Mt. Lucid (Interior): This is a separate section only accessible from either the Sane Caves or the Deranged Cliff Chain. The ground is very unstable and prone to collapsing causing victims to plunge 20 feet down to another sub-level while there are ten sub-levels in total. All but the last sub-level have light filtering in from holes within the mountain which were made by burrowing creatures. This gives good visibility especially in the upper levels, the top most (1st) which lead to the Deranged Cliff Chain. The sub-levels are capable of being climbed to through natural land bridges or simply by scaling the walls if one is capable of it. Likewise there are various ledges and tunnels which lead to other levels also made by these burrowing creatures. The lowest level (10th) has an underground lake at the bottom (55 ft radius) which is about 50 ft deep however has numerous jagged rocks at the base of the lake. These rocks just upward giving the lake numerous places to stand upon and the only light this level has comes from the water reflecting the light from the upper levels. Each Level requires at least a B-rank amount of strength to break through causing it the section hit as well as 5 ft around the point of impact to collapse down to a lower level. If one falls with enough impact they can burst through multiple levels resulting in the fall damage stacking, furthermore if a level collapses above an opponent the fall damage they would have sustained is changed to Earth Release physical Dmg.
Distance Fallen - Fall Dmg
20 - D
40 - C
60 - B
80 - A
100 - S

Overall Income Generated None Atm
Overall Upkeep None Atm
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Mt. Lucid
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