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 Deranged Cliff Chain

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PostSubject: Deranged Cliff Chain   1st May 2016, 12:41 am

Name: Deranged Cliff Chain
Description: Where Mt. Lucid ends the Deranged Cliff Chain begin, rumored to be formed from the jagged spines of deceased Lao Shen Lung these cliffs are perilous and mud slides as rock avalanches are common. They are rather high up so far that the ground is obscured by fog below but it is common knowledge that plunging from a cliff is a sure fire way of death. The cliff chain stretches quite far, isolating the lower west side of the Land of Madness from the lands bordering it and making a curve which only ends at the Gorge of Beginning. There isn't flat ground along the Deranged Cliff Chain though, just inclines often with minerals which are chakra resistant making it tough to stand around unless one is a capable climber. The farther up one gets the more chakra resistant minerals saturate the cliff face while each cliff typically spirals up leaving jagged peaks and perilous ledges.
Chakra Consumed to Stick to each Post (Total) - Height of Cliff
D - Base to 500ft
C - 501 to 1000ft
B - 1,001 to 1,500ft

Exact Location within Area South-West

Current Places Within

Overall Income Generated None Atm
Overall Upkeep None Atm


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Deranged Cliff Chain
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