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 Ty/ kratos combo tech

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PostSubject: Ty/ kratos combo tech   13th May 2016, 3:28 am

Name: Sensory Traps: Sight Trap
Classification:  Ninjustu/Kinjustu
Rank: D(E-Rank blood or D-Rank chakra price)
Class: Supplementary
Range: Short

Description: A technique crafted by Kratos for him and Ty when faced with a enemy capable of tracking the user begins placing portions of energy in areas which are hard too differentiate, meaning if one used blood a spiritual dummy would appear if chakra etc, this boost D rank camouflage techniques needed sensory by one rank.
Techniques Needed:
Spiritual Camouflage
Chakra Camouflage

Name: Sensory Traps: One Shadow
Classification:  Combination
Rank: A
Class: Supplementary
Range: Short
Description: The two  came up with this technique which consists of him making contact with each other and using Ty's heat camouflage in order too mask boths heat signature then likewise both of them use spiritual or chakra camouflage at once along with their soundless fighting styles causing them too become utter nightmares for enemys, to begin with both of there heat signature mesh too one looking like a body of fire and giving no indications of being human figure albeit there heat sig can be seen by A rank or above techniques. While using the spiritual camouflage the two cannot be seen by the naked eye unless by B rank sage senses or Life force sensory. If using chakra than a B rank chakra sensory is needed. Likewise due too giving off no sound alone the two cannot be heard unless by the normally needed hearing techniques.
Techniques Needed:
Spiritual Camouflage
Chakra Camouflage
Soundless fighting style

Name: Sensory Traps:  Glue Bind
Classification:  Combination
Rank: B
Class: Offensive
Range: Short
Description: this is a stealth technique Kratos forms his fly glue before handing a portion too Ty the two spreading and circling the enemy until the glue has entangled them, though generally they move at D-Rank speeds greater speed can be used, however once entangled the two can immobilize the target wifh the glue or use ty too set them ablaze and deal heavy burn damage.

Name: Hearing improvement
Classification:  Taijustu/Kinjustu
Rank: C
Class: Supplementary
Range: Short

Description: Ty and Kratos expert trackers in the making from a young age began too hone their individual sensed their hearing is top notch and can hear the fluttering of a leaf in the wind or even someone breathing this allows the a C rank hearing Sensory. D rank blood price per post.

Ty smith:

Yu chromatica:
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Ty/ kratos combo tech
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