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 Return of the Academy

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Return the Academy?
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PostSubject: Return of the Academy   23rd May 2016, 10:13 pm

Ok. So the Academy once existed to gather everyone together to rp before they moved on to serve their respected nations. Though in the previous case it was more like Nation. So, here's what I wanna know. How many people want its return but with a few changes?

First off, it'll be between ASN and Shogunate, since Pandora is pretty much their own isolated group for now, but maybe they could join in in the future.

Now, the Academy is hosted by the Bachiatari, ensuring peace with the Academy hosted in its own land. There the students would go to classes offscreen (though if you want it onscreen can always make a topic but no one will actually be modding the classes). The sensei's will be there for individual or team trainings outside of classes. Students live on campus until the rank of Centurion/T.Jonin/Chuunin. Once B rank they can choose to stay on and teach a team or return to their nation to continue working one their own progress, or even both.

This will allow us to rp with each other more since most people on here are C and below and so no one is really left out.

Any comments, concerns or questions welcome.
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Return of the Academy
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