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 Bishop and Stanleys poison

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PostSubject: Bishop and Stanleys poison   24th May 2016, 9:49 pm

Equipment Name: Tombstone Grade I
Type of Equipment: Poison
Rank: D-Rank
How Many:D-Rank amount
Appearance: In liquid form it is a pink liquid upon entering the air it turns clear which is like a mist.
Durability: D

Components: Paralytic Poison(Grade I)
Sleeping Poison (Grade I)

Traits: Paralysis

Special Ability:  A inhalation poison which starts upon being inhaled. This is a simple yet troublesome poison which causes the target too become sleepy and likewised paralyzed and more so the more they move and allow the poison too spread. Initially the targets begin too become drowsy dropping tiers one rank than after 10 post they fall asleep, however during that duration every two post one of the targets ligaments cease movement via paralysis.


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Bishop and Stanleys poison
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