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 Time to meet the Crew

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PostSubject: Re: Time to meet the Crew    20th June 2016, 4:12 pm

Ka would let out a sigh as Tumu had said that he couldn't exactly strike all information of him from any records of him, and would slowly start to stand up from his seat. "Well then, I believe that's all the information I needed from you for the time being" He would say wrapping one of his wires around the stripper still grinding up on his new apprentice, slowly lifting her off of him so he could get up as well. It was a shame however to hear that his ancestral home had now become a drug den for degenerates to continue lowering their own lives to, guess he would have to clean house when he got to Kaos. "If you're ever in Kaosgakure, be sure to look me up. There will be a place in my home for you to sleep off any hangover, as well as whatever drugs are left over from those low lifes" With that Ka would place the stripper on Tumu's lap and would grab his sword and umbrella before leaving the bar. "Get some sleep Baek, in the morning we will be on the move"

[Ka exits]



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PostSubject: Re: Time to meet the Crew    23rd June 2016, 3:19 am

Well, the hotshot left, and all that remained was Tumu and the little weirdly innocent one.With all things considered, I suppose this was quite a successful topic, that is if you exclude the interrogation and all that crap. In any case, Tumu was oddly tired, it seems those tablets he bought earlier from that trustworthy man in the alley way weren't such a good idea after all. With a gentle smile at the girl dancing on his lap, his consciousness would fade, and he'd simply go to sleep in the middle of the bar, leaning back into his chair with eyes closed shut tightly. His dreams consisted mostly of a world filled with rivers, rivers which flowed with a classic bourbon mixture that couldn't possibly be any smoother. There was a hut as well, filled with...nothing but a bed and a random pipe on the floor. Must be heaven?



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PostSubject: Re: Time to meet the Crew    23rd June 2016, 11:54 am

Baek nodded and followed,  noticing that Ka was moving fast. He couldn't match Ka's speed, but with B rank speed and a  wind displacement technique, he was able to follow just enough at least in order to catch up with the man. "He's pretty fast, and i know i can be that fast too if i really wanted to, but i wouldn't want to hurt myself. " Ontop of that, Baek  could probably hear him out as long as he was a few feet close. " So what are we going to do to the drug addicts when we run into them?  Can i keep them or something?

- exit


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PostSubject: Re: Time to meet the Crew    

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Time to meet the Crew
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