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 Nyen's Galvorn Particle Jutsu

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PostSubject: Nyen's Galvorn Particle Jutsu   11th June 2016, 7:56 pm

Name: Shield of Itami (Signature)
Classification: Fighting Style
Rank: S (1 Soul)
Class: Passive (Defensive/Supplementary)
Range: Self (Galvorn Particles), Varies

Description: Req. R'tari Mikaboshi's Willing Sacrifice to fulfill Soul Price. A technique that is unique to Nyen, due to a culmination of the sacrifice of her teammate R'tari (Soul Price) and his Amatsu's willingness to serve as her protector even after the death of it's master. Whenever Nyen is about to be harmed, a shield of Galvorn Particles will automatically surround and protect her. The sand will react regardless of Nyen's will, even protecting her from self-inflicted injuries. The defensive power and versatility of the Galvorn Particles is where this ability truly shines. Galvorn sand was created courtesy of Jazz D. Kukinorite's Base Sealing Method: Fusion Formula, and is comprised of Iron Sand, an Amatsu (Itami) & Dakar Bone infused with an SS- worth of Life-force (Blood). The result was Galvorn, a Unique Metal which has the following traits; Physical Resistance, Chakra Absorbency, Magnetic, Chakra Conductivity, Spiritual Resistance & the sentience of a Living Weapon. This was to grant Nyen the ability to manipulate the Galvorn Particles via her Circuit Fist with no drawbacks. The Shield of Itami, is capable of protecting Nyen from even those injuries she herself is not aware of, a form of localized Danger Sensory specific to her. It is fast on it's own, and through subsequent weekly training both it's speed of formation and it's contact based chakra draining capabilities can be honed. But when both work in tandem it's true capabilities shine through as when utilized alongside Nyen's Circuit Fist & Ninpo it can be manipulated at the same speed as a Sam. Lvl Tier Chain making the manipulation of this fighting style be her fastest capable. This fighting style serves as a gateway to Nyen's most powerful line of defensive Galvorn Particles related techniques however the most advanced level of this technique result in the Galvorn Particles formed in the very image of R'tari with said form protecting Nyen with it's "body". The techniques following this Fighting Style embody all of the traits of Galvorn Particles and can work interchangeably or in tandem with other Iron Sand techniques in Nyen's Arsenal but the chakra absorbed by the Shield of Itami can only be utilized to fuel Galvorn Particles techniques. The Maximum Amount of Sentient Galvorn Sand, namely that sand which Itami was originally fused with is an SS-rank's Worth but non-sentient Galvorn Particles is determined by Nyen's Iron Sand passive as it is a derivative of that technique. Due to stemming from the willing sacrifice of her comrade this technique is available to be trained regardless of training prerequisites as long as Nyen has an S-rank Slot Available.
Weekly Training - Speed of Particles - Chakra Drained Per P.T in Contact with.
None (None) - Swift Release - D
500 (1000) - Bullet Release - 2 D
500 (1000) - Crashing Ground - 3 D
500 (1000) - Vacuum Release - 4 D
500 (1000) - Blinding Light - 5 D
1000 (2000) - Ripping Discord - C
2000 (4000) - Echoing Flash - B
*Itami's Max Chakra Reserves = 11 C-ranks, 7 B-ranks, 4 A-ranks and 3 S-ranks.
*Itami's Current Chakra Reserves = Empty

Name: Pulse Release - Shield of Itami: Armor of Galvorn
Classification: Kinjutsu
Rank: A (A-rank Chakra + Variable Galvorn Particles)
Class: Defensive
Range: Self (Galvorn Particles), Varies

Description: Req. Iron Sand: Armor. Using this technique, Nyen can cover herself in a compacted layer of galvorn particles, providing an additional defense should her Shield of Itami fail; combined, these two are known as Nyen's "Absolute Defense" as their defensive capabilities work in tandem to protect her from injury (Fulfills the stacking benefit of Iron Sand: Armor). This technique unlike the original does not weigh Nyen down, due to Itami having the galvorn particles support it's own weight, but it is costly in that it siphons not only chakra out of Itami to maintain but reduces the amount of Galvorn Particles able to be diverted towards both combat & maintaining the Shield of Itami. This is because this technique makes use of the Galvorn Particles produced by Nyen via Atomic Metal not the original batch which comprises the Shield of Itami. As a result it's main weakness is that it is not sentient only typically being directed by Itami to give the image of it's sentience. Since it easily breaks away upon impact, indicating that the main purpose of the armor is to absorb impact channeled unto Nyen's body during battle. It provides Nyen with protection from A-rank Spiritual based damage as well as covering the damage equivalents of other damage types except Chakra in which case it is immune from chakra based damage A-rank & below as long as they are not strong against Pulse Release. It requires a technique that possesses Spiritual Based Defense Piercing strong against Pulse Release to break through. If it is chakra based a set amount of chakra is drained from the technique upon impact which can result in the chakra based technique dissipating with prolonged exposure (P.T). The chakra drained just like other non-sentient Galvorn Particles techniques is diverted into the Galvorn Particles to only make it more durable (Equal to Chakra absorbed & Stacks with Armor Defenses) while the specific technique is active.
Rank of User - Amount of Galvorn Particles Comprising Armor (Chakra Drained)
D - A (B)
C - S (A)
B - Quarter of Unsaturated Iron Sand Passive (S)
A - Half of Unsaturated Iron Sand Passive (2 S)
S - Half of Saturated Iron Sand Passive (3 S)

Name: Atomic Metal: Conversion Factor - Galvorn Particles (Exclusive)
Classification: Ninjutsu
Rank: S
Class: Supplementary
Range: Self (Iron Sand)

Description: Utilizing Atomic Metal Nyen alters the atomic structure of her Iron Sand into the equivalently dense, yet chakra absorbent Galvorn. Due to modifying the very structure of the materia in question this technique has a cost to produce in a 1:12 ratio meaning in essence 1 D-rank of Galvorn costs 12 D-ranks (2 C-ranks) of chakra to produce. The speed at which the materials are produced becomes faster dependent on the user's skill level. Galvorn in question is just as dense as Iron as a result when coming against Iron Sand techniques equal rank to one using Galvorn Particles the both are equated halting in place unless the either (Iron Sand/Galvorn Particles) technique has piercing while the other one doesn't. The properties of Galvorn are many but it is most notable for it's chakra absorbent capabilities, this is most effective against other Sand related techniques as the mixture of granular materia and chakra makes it far easier for individual particles of Galvorn to absorb chakra from those techniques on contact each P.T.
Rank - Speed of Conversion - Chakra Drained from "Sand" (Type of "Sand")
D - C - N/A (Sand)
C - B - D (Titanium, Lead, Platinum & Their alloys)
B - A - C (Silver, Magnesium, Gold & Their alloys)
A - S - B (Copper, Aluminium & Their alloys)
S - SS - A (Iron & It's alloys)
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PostSubject: Re: Nyen's Galvorn Particle Jutsu   12th June 2016, 1:17 pm


~A message to all~

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Nyen's Galvorn Particle Jutsu
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