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 (Dual Training) OPEN (Niklaus + ???)

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PostSubject: (Dual Training) OPEN (Niklaus + ???)   18th June 2016, 9:51 am

After finally getting done with the animal scotuing and taming Niklaus decided it was time too go train. Despite his best efforts the animal he had meet was still following him and he had kinda gotten used too it choosing too slow down so it could keep pace with him. For some reason he knew it was not going too leave. The way too the training grounds were always interesting watching the numerous crazys pass Niklaus just kept his eyes forward.

Upon reaching the training grounds one would notice Niklaus was in a male ninja's skin suit. His clothes would be black robe with his sickles hanging two on each side with a bulk of chain around his torso causing him to let off a errie cling with each step.

"No one here huh?"

Nik would scan the area for anyone only too not spot a soul so for now he would have too work on some stuff his own. Startining he would work on his cardio he needed too be faster so he would start jogging with his equipment on so as too train his stregnth as well. He would keep this up for about a hour running at C-Rank speeds the entire time.


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(Dual Training) OPEN (Niklaus + ???)
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