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 Luffy's Technique's

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PostSubject: Luffy's Technique's   26th June 2016, 2:15 am

Name: Water Release: Rasengan
Classification: Ninjutsu
Rank: A-rank (C-rank Damage to user)
Class: Offensive
Range: Short Range

Description: The Water Release: Rasengan expands on the original concept for the Rasengan: mixing one's chakra element with the Rasengan, emphasising the combination of the highest forms of Shape Transformation and Nature Transformation. In order to create it Luffy mixed his water element with the Rasengan during his training, maintaining its original stability and increasing its destructive power, far beyond that of his ordinary Rasengan due to no longer being create from ambient chakra. This technique looks fairly similar to an ordinary Rasengan, except it grows in size depending on if the user used a water source too create it and likewise it turns a darker blue, making it look like a deep sea blue which rotates constantly at speeds dependent on the user's rank. The concept of a completed Water Release: Rasengan would be the rotation and power of the Rasengan, and the user's water-natured chakra condensed into a stable sphere which allows it to cause erosive damage too whatever it comes in contact with to inflict major erosive damage of an A-rank. This tends to not just cause erosion too the victim's body but likewise it can even damage the victim's chakra coils (A-rank damage) due to the water actually causing internal damage, in fact it's damage is potent enough to actually deal recoil back to the user of this technique. The damage to the victim's chakra coils causes the victim to be unable to cycle chakra to that specific part hit as easily as before resulting in the chakra price for any technique guided to that body part (if hands then counts for all chakra based techniques requiring hand seals) to cost 1-rank higher in chakra price.
Skill of User - Speed Rasengan is Formed - Shadow Clone Forming Speed Modifier (2/3)
D - D - C/C+ (Samurai Lvl)
C - C - B/B+
B - B - A/A+
A - A - S/S+
S - S - S+/S+ (Req. Time-Slowing Dojutsu to see formation of Rasengan)
Size of Water Source - Rasegan Size
S- Half of users size


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Luffy's Technique's
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