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 Do You See What I See? [Zettai Solo Mission]

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PostSubject: Do You See What I See? [Zettai Solo Mission]   8th July 2016, 11:16 pm

A pair of eagles falling together in their Death Hold was a glorious sight to be seen. Guessing when they would break apart, gauging just how daring the beasts were, was Zettai’s favorite part of the ordeal. He’d guessed correctly once when he was younger, and it became a habit that carried on throughout his years. Eagles were also an excellent telltale of danger. If something risky was happening around here, they wouldn’t be mating so readily. Spurring Zettai on, he pulled his gaze away from the dancing birds and kept leaping. Bounding from branch to branch amidst the treetops, Zettai was on the surface world with a mission he grabbed from the Request Board.

It was his task to run along the perimeter of Haka’s outer roads and place sensory beacons for the village. Even though it was important, it was a low-risk situation that could be trusted to the younger shinobi. Honestly, the flyer for the job made it sound a touch more exciting than it actually was. Instead of bringing a cool seal or something, Zettai was bringing simple Lenses build with chakra receiver rings. It would allow the caster of the bound jutsu to view through them. Cool in concept, really boring to look at. This is a good spot. He thought to himself as he swung to his landing branch. Grabbing it with both palms, he spun over the limb before releasing. Doing several flips to slow and control the direction of his descent, he struck the ground on the heels of both feet.

At the base of the tree, the roots knotted just right to raise and create the perfect crook for the lens to fit in. Slotting it in, he pulled a piece of Bark-patterned linen from his back pouch. It was incredibly thin, and if placed just right would allow for light to pass through it into the lens. This would keep it perfectly hidden yet purely viable as a surveillance tool. It’s how he had been positioning them for the last three hours. Thankfully, he had four to go and he was done. Taking a deep breath, he stretched his back before leaping once more into the branches. It wasn’t too difficult to spot a good spot for them. In fact, the more obvious the spot, the better. The Bark cloth he had grabbed to complete the mission made legitimately hiding it useless, and the more of the lens that was pointed at the target area, the better.

An hour later, and he was on his return loop to the village. The day had been hot, and though the sun was sweating, he was unbearably warm and stunk of sweat and mud. Seeing the entrance to the ramp into the underground, Zettai cheered in excitement. His jubiliation, coupled with his exhaustion from a long day’s work, dropped his guard and reflexes. Slipping on his next leap, he began a freefall for the ground. He had been roughly 20 feet in the air, and he didn't plan on breaking his neck. Out of frustration and desperation, he summoned up as much energy as he could and twisted himself so his feet were parallel to the ground. Releasing a shout of anger, he kicked out.

Fire roared to life from his feet in a wild stream. As the ground loomed closer, he closed his eyes and kept pushing the power into his feet. The flames focused into a blue jet of fire, shrinking to no more than a couple inches long. Feeling a stabilization in power, he wondered just how long he was going to fall. Opening his eyes, he saw himself, floating in the air a quarter-foot from the ground. Confused, he looked around to see if someone else was playing a trick on him, and felt the movement rear the flames to action. He whirled around, arms flailing as he tried to regain his balance, the young man let out a chuckle. Finding his core, he leaned into it and his foot flames roared to life. Zooming toward the gate, granted slower than he could run but expanding much less energy, he congratulated himself on creating a new jutsu. Because of the jolly mood he put it in, he barely remembered gliding to the receptionist to report his mission completion and turn in his reward.

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PostSubject: Re: Do You See What I See? [Zettai Solo Mission]   9th July 2016, 12:08 am



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Do You See What I See? [Zettai Solo Mission]
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