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 Kenichi juryoku tecs

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PostSubject: Kenichi juryoku tecs   17th July 2016, 11:19 pm

Kenichi juryuko

Name: electro-blast
Classification:  ninjutsu
Rank:  C
Class: offensive
Range: long

Description: electro-blast is as the name  conclude “electric blast”, kenichi begins this jutsu by preforming several hand signs; the used hand signs only allow kenichi to release his chakra into the palm of  his hands, within moments the chakra within his hands will become a tiny ball of lightning. This ball of lightning only starts off at a tiny size, which can move at D+ speeds and it can cause D+ paralyze damage, thus require D+ endurance to take no effect to it; at a small size (2.5ft diameter) the ball of lightning can move at C rank speed, which cause C rank paralyze damage thus requiring C rank endurance to nullify the paralyzation. This technique is a blast which can be held for up to three turns after the ball reaches small size; the ball of lightning at small size will disperse from kenichi hands causing him to waste the chakra. The paralyze is only strong enough to paralyze a single limb of a person without endurance; defense; or chakra tiers for 8 (p.t.), if the target possess D-rank endurance; chakra; or defense the (p.t.) will be halved, if they possess C-rank tiers of or a combination of these tiers at D then they will completely nullify the paralyze.

Blast size – speed – paralyze strength (defense/endurance/ chakra) – time to create
Tiny – D+ - D+ (D+) – instantly
Small – C – C (C) – 3 (P.T.)

Name: electro-sphere
Classification: ninjutsu
Rank: D
Class: offensive, defensive
Range: varies

Description: as a member of the juryuko clan kenichi also possess lightning release, this technique is a simple one that the elder generation shows the newer generation in order to keep the jutsu being passed down; during the time of the last three generations the jutsu was sealed into a scroll and sealed away, since those generation were a more serious generation which was exactly into games or trick. The electro-sphere is as the name sounds, a sphere of electricity; which is often used as a method to entertain infants, but little was mention to those who knew of its offensive and defensive capabilities. As three spheres can be generated by a juryuko academy student (d-rank), while at the rank of S they can produce up to 15 spheres. The sphere can travel up to speeds of the users rank while being controled freely by a juryuko at D rank. Coming in contact with these spheres cause those without equal defense, endurance, and chakra tiers equal to jurkuyo’s rank to be paralyzed on the affected area for four times the juryuko rank.

Juryuko rank – p.t. spot is paralyzed – endurance, defense, and/ or chakra tiers to negate
D – 4 – D
C – 8 – C (D+D)
B – 12 – B (D+D+D) (C+C)
A – 16 – A (C+C+C) (B+B)
S – 20 – S (B+B+B) (A+A)

Name:  air flow
Classification: ninjutsu
Rank: C
Class: supplementary
Range: AOE (wind)

Description: the names sounds peculiar to those who hear it or don’t understand the reasoning for such a simple name, to kenichi the names fits rather grandly. Air flow in simple terms, is a wind based technique that holds two purposes; the first purpose is to locate those around him which would be easily detected unless they have C-rank wind or chakra stealth related jutsu, or a D-rank combination of both. The second purpose is give kenichi a sense of location of objects which is thrown at him with C-rank speeds or strength, anything higher becomes too complicated for him to track. The only reason this technique works so soundly is because kenichi releases a C-rank of charka into the air, within seconds the released chakra will turn into air which is blowing away from his body leaving him at the center of the wind. it allows him to possess a 360 degree map of thing around which only works if the opponent(s) are moving at speeds slower than C+, or not moving at all.

Name: draw!
Classification: ninkenjutsu
Rank: B  (per landed strike)
Class:offensive/ supplementary
Range: short (fight) middle (flight)

Description: kenichi has a profound skill with bladed weapons especially katanas, draw works by releasing chakra in the air which surrounds kenichi. The air will soon begin to crackle; kenichi will then draw his sword at normal movement speed to cause the enemy to going into a fight or flight effect. If the enemy chooses to fight the damage dealt by all attack are increased by one tier and deals paralyze damage to the full body no matter where the strike was connects to, for a period of four post times the strength of the attack; unless they possess + tiers equal to the rank of the kenjutsu based attack he used during the duration of 8 post. If the enemy chooses to back away from kenichi, his speed is increased by a tier and requires a tier high of reaction to notice the attack; after landing the attack the opponent full body becomes numb and requires B rank endurance in order to not take effect from the strike.

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PostSubject: Re: Kenichi juryoku tecs   18th July 2016, 1:14 am

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Kenichi juryoku tecs
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