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 Life explained

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PostSubject: Life explained    18th July 2016, 2:51 pm

The violet sun slowly arose from its slumber; the clouds shared a brighter color scheme than the usual blue. A few roster yelled as they had awoken several minutes before the sun ruining the sleep of kenichi, as his family lived on a farm as a way to pay for rent and living expenses. Kenichi’s mother had traveled a bit of the ASN, but failed to actually visit other countries due to her marriage to a juryuko ninja from the ASN, besides the fact of being all over the place his mom is very dedicated to her hometown; hakagakure. The noise of the rosters woken kenichi from his slumber, which seemed to be agitating to the young juryuko to be woken early “mom shut the rosters up, please!” he yelled through the small one story house which possessed two bedroom, a living room, a bathroom and an indoor and outdoor kitchen; as the bedrooms were separated by the rest of the house, it was a surprises when she replied “get up and deal with them your damned self, you annoying ass morning person!” she respond to the comment which had such a reply coming from someone who only got into bed minutes before he called. Kenichi hopped out of bed placing his sandles onto his feet, afterward elongating his feet as he went to the door: every step came with a loud scratching noise which seem like it was never going to end, until kenichi finally made it outside. By this time the roster were gathered and placed inside a gravity sphere, to reduce the amount of noise the roster made significantly “dad you gravity sucks!” he insulted as he made a light chuckle, covering his mouth to hid the fact he was actually laughing. “okay, kenichi, let me see your gravity control?” he father hinted at the fact that he had yet still to accomplished actually using his bloodline affinity, the process itself only seemed simple but there was complicated steps which came with procedures that he couldn’t actually accomplished in his life time. “that’s it you’d said a little bit too much, you know-” he stated before being interrupted by his mother “go do something useful like actually go train somewhere or take care of those things you never do called chores?” she yelled, getting tired of hearing pure breed excuses about the difficult of it of something which would literally be in his blood; a part of his mother actually blade herself for the lack of his bloodline affinity, the other half of her blamed him as he could be unconfident mentally, physical, and spiritual if he only dedicated himself to it. Kenichi began to walk away from the house, he needed another day to himself; he hoped to practice his kenjutsu since he was technically the only juryuko who couldn’t use gravity release, it seemed to be such an embarrassing feat to his family which forced them to be cut off from finical support from the clan.

“fuck this-” he was going to say before his wooden sword, broke from the speed the it collapsed with the tree. On the floor rested half of a bamboo, which seemed to be beaten from constant stress. “Shit!” he complained glaring at the wooden sword which rested onto the floor. “Why does this always seem to happen to me?’ he complained, looking up to the sun. The clouds seemed to have grown to a grey-blackish color, the sun he thought was up in the sky was covered by those dark cloud. Seeing that he ran out the house, and into the training room that had been change from a sunny setting to a rain one “don’t they know I’m in here?” he questioned himself, as the ground below him had turned from a grass platform, to a sandy one. The winds seem to push sand all over the place, leaving nowhere uncovered by sand. “Hello!” kenichi yelled, while searching around to see if he could make out an actually figure than the sand itself. “You don’t carry around a working sword anymore!” the voice echoed from around the sand with a slight chuckle, it was almost like he was caught in a genjutsu but he was pretty sure nothing seemed odd, and he felt no pain. The rain began to slightly pour causing the sand to become a bit thicker, before dropping to the floor; kenichi smiled watching the floor return to the grassy features it once had. “I left something for you near the entrance, you might find them come in handy soon rather than later young shinobi.” The voice seemed to leave, with the rain as it ended as soon as it began. Kenichi seemed to have nothing better to do, so he decide to move in a hurry towards the items which were left for him: in his surprise rested ten scrolls stack on top of each other, with four being used as its base, three on top of the four which were used as a based, two were placed onto the second level, and one scroll was placed on top of all of those. Nothing seemed to hold him back from grasping the top one which was connect to a note that read “one day, there will come a time you’ll come to thank me; for allowing you to be a part of your family once again. But I don’t want you to come to me, in exchange I will send someone for you to watch over; at this moment I can’t live in the city I was once born in, but I want my daughter to have a peaceful life. I want you to take care of her and prevent her from becoming used for such wild plots, which will only result in the destruction of cities.” Kenichi saw that these scrolls were someone else investment into his life, which in sometime will result in him repaying the debt he owed to someone else. He picked the scrolls which were all explained in the most simplest way, on how his body and chakra flow worked; he understood everything explained, which is when he noticed he need someone to explain things to him in this format. The control he was hoping to gain over his bloodline seemed simpler than just breathing, and so did the other jutsu he learned that day.

1066 words

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Yu chromatica:

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Life explained
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