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 Downtime [Post Team 8 vs Team 9] and prep central

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PostSubject: Downtime [Post Team 8 vs Team 9] and prep central   1st August 2016, 3:03 pm

After that humiliating defeat that was granted to liara and calesto, as well as takeshi, she wasn't too sure what to think of the next match. What went wrong? Why did everything just return to a halt in the sense of planning and execution. Liara couldn't help but to feel like a failure, and she honestly didn't want to lose this time, so she took it upon herself to make prior preparations. After thir wounds were treated, Liara immediately went back inside of calesto by using the parasite technique. She would then use cloning jutsu in order to create a beesewax clone to pose as the current "liara" for the time being while she resided inside of Calesto.

Some people might see that as underhanded, but she wasn't taking any more chances "Lets go everyone, we have to win this time.


ooc: this is a prep topic of u getting healed and etc, anything u gotta do, do it now

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Downtime [Post Team 8 vs Team 9] and prep central
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